July 28, 2020


The Holy Spirit was promised and poured out-Acts 2:33

We do not have to speculate just where JESUS went or where HE is because the scriptures have made HIS destination and arrival known. After JESUS the CHRIST ascended into heaven which was a sure and great honor that included HIS entire state of being. The CHRIST is sitting beside the FATHER on HIS right side and by this, we have been given an advantage because of HIS advancement. JESUS was able to advance in glorious triumph because HE triumphed over the gates of hell; HE led captivity captive which are those fallen angels which once held positions in heaven by committed treason of following lucifer/satan who is the death of death. JESUS made an open triumphant and victorious open show of them. JESUS lead those who were once our captors captive by openly showing that HE is now their captor. Had JESUS not been victorious in this battle for our lives, we would be sinners, the walking dead, and zombies still living life according to how satan wants us to live and dying to join him and those other fallen angels/demons for eternity. We would have no hope had JESUS not laid hold of the father of the dead and his cohorts. This is our complete victory in CHRIST JESUS that we possess over those spiritual enemies. This is why we can proclaim that we are more than conquerors, we are triumphant in CHRIST JESUS. Now, understand this fact, it was GOD the FATHER who lifted CHRIST JESUS to the high place of where the FATHER is, to be seated at HIS right hand. This is the place where lucifer wanted to be seated where the FATHER is seated. This is why he failed and was evicted throughout eternity. Yet, the FATHER has made JESUS our Prince, our Prince of peace, HE is our Deliverer, Liberator, and Savior. Through JESUS we are to come to complete repentance from sin [not believing in CHRIST JESUS] and sinning [the result through action that we are sinners]. Because we believe in CHRIST JESUS, we have been radically saved and forgiven of past, present, and future sins. And because the FATHER HIMself raised JESUS due to HIS humility and obedience JESUS has been given the name which is above all other names.

Have you ever wondered what is the big deal of the right hand? Well, today you will either be reminded or informed for the first time why it was recorded that JESUS is sitting on the right hand rather than just sitting down anywhere. Understand this, that there was a coronation that took place, JESUS was crowned KING, as well as HIS, being the Prince of Peace with HIS insignia of Royalty as HE succeeded to sovereignty. The FATHER invited HIS beloved and only begotten SON up to the throne and to take HIS rightful place on the right side of HIS FATHER. The right hand denotes the place of authority and power over all including HIS enemies. JESUS our KING, our PRINCE is also our High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. GOD the FATHER promised that our King, our Prince, and our High Priest victory over our enemies and victory is what we have. After JESUS had given the charge to HIS disciples, JESUS was taken up into heaven and took HIS rightful place on the right-hand side of the FATHER.

But our victory does not end there, the FATHER had promised the Holy Spirit to us and as promised from the FATHER we have received Him but in a measure, because none of us would have come to JESUS except we heard the Holy Spirit calling out to us. But those who know that to live in the victory that has been given to us, we require the fullness, the baptism of the Holy Spirit where there is no measure, no more a little dab will do us. Having the promised Holy Spirit living within us fully and completely gives us the power and strength that we miss out on when we have not been baptized in Him. JESUS said to the disciples “I AM sending the promise of MY FATHER to you and that the power from heaven comes with Him”. The FATHER is the ONE who sent the Holy Spirit to us in the name of JESUS the CHRIST if we did not need Him there would be no requirement for Him. But we do desperately need Him because He is our Helper and He does teach us everything and a reminder to us of all the things that JESUS said.

So, how does a person get poured out into people? To pour is appropriately but not exclusive to the pouring out of liquids. This type of pouring that is being referred to is to bestow or to send forward in exceptional abundance. The Holy Spirit within our being is a continuous succession moving or rushing as a current, like a stream flowing down a mountain. However, this does not mean that He will cause us to buck and jump or by any means behave inappropriately.

Water baptism is a ritual, this ritual is reserved only for those of us who truly have repented and believe in CHRIST JESUS. Often, too many people get baptized and their hearts have not been changed, so they go down dirty and rise dirty still. But those of us who are truly repentant will go down into the waters with our brand new heart and outwardly demonstrate that we have been buried with JESUS and we rise with JESUS until that day comes that we will rise from where ever our sleeping remains are to join HIM in the air. JESUS is the One who will baptize those of us who are truly repentant in HIS Holy Spirit. When we belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS we are blessed and only those who belong to HIM will hunger and thirst after HIS righteousness seeking out HIS right standing which is caused by our having the Holy Spirit living within us who makes us complete and satisfied in JESUS. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Living GOD who will remain with us throughout our earthly life, He will not leave us as long as there is breath in our lungs, our heart is still beating, and oxygen is still in the brain. Jesus would not have informed us that by HIS going back to heaven yet, HE is sending to us HIS Helper if HE did not know that we need a helper desperately much like we require oxygen to breathe. The Holy Spirit will not and cannot convict those of us who belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS because we have already been thoroughly judged. However, the Holy Spirit will convict the world regarding the guilt of sin and its need for a Savior. The Holy Spirit will also convict the world about righteousness and judgment. Many believe that what is happening is the judgment of GOD but it is not. This is only a warning, but how many non-believers have come to CHRIST, and should the warning be lifted will remain with HIM? The Holy Spirit is a revealer of sin and what sin does, its true nature to those who refuse to believe in JESUS and HIS message. He will reveal what righteousness is, and what is a CHRISTian. A CHRISTian is one who has had a character change from ourselves to JESUS and had the lack of integrity taken over with the personal integrity of JESUS. Just because JESUS has gone to take HIS rightful place on the throne does not mean that HE is not still working with the use of the Holy Spirit informing about the certainty of the judgment that will come and that the ruler of this world, satan has already been judged and condemned. Ah, but my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS the Spirit of Truth/the Holy Spirit must come into our lives to guide us in all truth so that we will no longer be misled in ignorance of our not knowing the truth in CHRIST JESUS. Everything that the Holy Spirit hears He will tell us all, revealing those things to come and to bring glory to CHRIST JESUS. The Spirit of the Living GOD has unlimited access to JESUS, to all that HE posses and know and that everything that the FATHER has rightfully belongs to CHRIST JESUS. Because JESUS is confident that we will be well taken care of by HIS Holy Spirit, why are we not confident of this fact? Either know this or be reminded of this, “In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all human flesh, we will speak with boldness the Word of the LORD, dreams, and vision will be given divinely. There was a time when blood-born/native Jews who were devout in CHRIST became amazed when the Holy Spirit without prejudice was poured into those who became Messianic Jews through repentance in the belief in JESUS. And so are some of you today, some of us are amazed when we recognized that the worse of the worse that we may know has converted from being a sinner to being a child of the Living GOD hopefully filled with the Holy Spirit. Keep in mind that when JESUS ascended into heaven to take HIS rightful place on the throne, at the right hand of HIS FATHER, JESUS placed satan/the death of death, and demons in chains for they have been captured by JESUS and our gift from HIM is that we are more than conquerors, we are triumphant in CHRIST JESUS.


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