Who of us every day or at some point in our life has not wanted to flee from something or someone? To avoid and have something just get out of our way for good? Let’s face it, we all have and we all have experienced the horrible feeling of being shunned by others. For example with domestic abuse. For some, there is the escape into self or addictions so not to feel the pain or anger any longer. But it’s a false escape and is dangerous. Escape is to lead us away from harm not into further harm. Escape is to help us obtain security from the negative and help lead us toward the positive. The greatest escape given to mankind is JESUS. If we will only adhere to what HE is instructing to us we will avoid so many pitfalls. And if we are experiencing what we consider hell, JESUS will make a way of escape for us.

Mankind love to point fingers at CHRISTians when they see us make mistakes because they know it goes against GOD’s Holy Word. But what they don’t know is CHRISTians have to grow up just as every human on the planet has to grow up from their mother’s womb and it takes time. And we dear heart grow in grace and mercy and love from the FATHER and HIS Holy Spirit. Do we make mistakes, yes? Our flesh is not saved but our spirit man is and we must get into the Word of GOD daily to read, study, attend bible study, ask questions, and attend worship service weekly. In this we grow in the knowledge of who we are, we trust in the FATHER and in our LORD CHRIST JESUS more, we depend on HIM more, we develop a relationship and drop religiosity. We discover that the law kills and grace and mercy gives us life. So if and when temptation creeps up on us and it will and if we happen to succumb to it, it’s only because we are familiar with it. Temptation cannot take hold of us if we are not acquainted with something. But GOD is a faithful and mighty GOD who will help us if we truly do not want to indulge. We can call out to the FATHER and HE will provide us with an escape with CHRIST JESUS help. And don’t be surprised by what is used I know that for my temptations JESUS often times uses comedy to take my mind off what I’m thinking about and it has always helped me.

GOD is more easily accepted by people yet HE is always blasphemed in daily language. JESUS too is blasphemed yet, HE is easily rejected by people. The name of JESUS causes many to cringe I just don’t understand why. Even when I was a nonbeliever listening about JESUS did not make me cringe, I did not understand but I was not offended by HIM. So why do people want to neglect JESUS? There is only one way to escape sin and there is only one way to escape hell and the lake of fire and that is through CHRIST JESUS. JESUS is such a wonderful Salvation that has been given to mankind why do we want to neglect such a wonderful free gift?

There was a time when we had to obey and live by the Law of Moses and if two or more witnesses came forward we would be put to death. What if this was still active today? Think about it, do you think that if we had to live by the Law of Moses today the corruption that is going on today in this world would be going on among any of us including you? I thank my FATHER that HE sent HIS only begotten SON to earth for mankind to save us from sin. To return us back to HIM but HE did not want us to do so with a commandment HE did so with the original intent as in the beginning. Mankind has a free will to choose heaven or hell, life or death, JESUS or satan just as the angels who left heaven chose. Now, the choice is ours we can repent which means to change our minds and give our hearts to JESUS so that HE can wash us clean from sin. Then our inner self will be clean and righteous our old nature will be dead and gone we will have no past sins, no regrets, no guilt, no shame. And we must not allow others to try and hold us captive to our past. Live your life in repentance look for GOD’s purpose in your life daily. This is what true escape is all about.

1 Corinthians 10:13, Hebrews 2:3, 10:28, Mt. 4:17


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