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At this moment in time, we are facing some prophecies that we have been warned about in GOD’s Holy Word. More than ever we are seeing before us the love that mankind has for themselves, the disrespect they hold for one another, the increase of greed, hatred giving the appearance that it’s in control, and weather conditions destroying lives and the lives as people once knew it. Sin will never be pushed back due to the human effort because sin is a spiritual demon. Sin will only decrease when humans cease from exalting themselves and turn to exalt CHRIST JESUS from their spirit and not their soul and or flesh. From the time of Adam’s, fall sin has been increasing. GOD destroyed all that was in the world because of HIS anger and judgment not only because of the sin in the world but also because there were hybrid men walking about on the earth. And though JESUS came to earth and taught us how to live in HIM, died and rose again from the grave all for us in forgiving us of all sin so that we would no longer need to be under condemnation and judgment. Not only did time cease but it began again, so in the here and now two thousand and seventeen years after the crucifixion and ascension of our LORD and Savior CHRIST JESUS, sin has increased and caused this world to become colder and darker. This should be no surprise because everything that tries to be magnified above the knowledge of JESUS in time has proven to never fail in the reputation of being strictly scrutinized. CHRIST JESUS is the only One that is to be raised to an elevated height. JESUS is to be honored above all. JESUS is seated at the right hand of the FATHER and has been given the office and rank of authority over everything except HIS own FATHER. JESUS is magnified above the angels, authorities, and powers.

So, whether it’s believed by mankind or not JESUS is because the FATHER exalted JESUS to HIS right-hand side to be the Deliverer, Savior, and Prince to grant repentance and forgiveness of all sins. After believing by faith in CHRIST JESUS we then receive the promise who is the Holy Spirit, He will be poured out within us and He will be seen and heard.  Praise ABBA, HE has made HIS SON both the LORD and the CHRIST.

There is no name that is above the name of CHRIST JESUS. Regardless of your religion and the name, you desire to use if it’s not JESUS CHRIST or CHRIST JESUS it’s not above or equal to HIS. Sickness nor disease name known or not with a name is above the name of JESUS. HIS very name is authoritative and has complete power so much so the devils run when we use HIS name in faith. From generation to generation there will never be a name that will ever be a match for the name of JESUS.

Everyone who is truly blood washed must live and speak as JESUS left HIS example for us to follow. It is through us that nations are exalted because of our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS. Not in political demonstrations which may bring about anger. Too many who claim to be Christians are living by Old Testament rules and regulations the Laws and no nothing about grace and mercy which are found in the New Testament. These became relevant after the death of JESUS our testator who completed the laws for us. Those laws through works were designed to point out all our faults and to kill us whereas JESUS love, grace, and mercy are to give us life and that more abundantly. The body of CHRIST is such a blessed and highly favored people, we are exalted in HIM because we consistently exalt the CHRIST. Our minds are not on earthly things but on the things of GOD. We all need to make a change first in our home, then in our neighborhood, then our community. If we do this as JESUS instruct and the writing of his disciples/apostles we will find that the church, the body of CHRIST will get along more lovingly and the world will take notice. Will the world stop heading for destruction? No. However, in the process, we can be modern-day Noah’s, look and sound crazy for JESUS but never lose sight of the mission and that is to exalt JESUS.

Acts 5:31, 2:33, 36, Philippians 2:9, Eph. 1:21, Proverbs 14:34, 11:11


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