Just imagine being seen as young in the eyes of the LORD GOD. Not just young but young and energetic as a youth. We can recall when we were a child how unstoppable we were. We had dreams and visions of what our life was to be. Then once we became an adult and took on responsibilities, some of our dreams and visions we left back in our childhood. Maybe our dreams and visions were never fertilized and watered, no one cared for our youthful desires. So instead of soaring like an eagle we began to walk around like a chicken. But I’m here to let you know that GOD is the One who fills our life with HIS goodness. And regardless of our natural age we can stop walking about as a chicken and begin to soar as an eagle. We can be young again!

A middle aged person (50-64) or a senior citizen (65+), maybe reading this and thinking that they are just too tired and this is impossible to recapture how they were when they were young and carefree. Look, believe it or not, there are youthful people (children, kids) and young adults (18-49) who are tired and weary in their emotions, mentality, and physicality. If you were abused or left alone to your own devices growing up, you never experienced the love you should have received from your parents, grandparents or extended family. Especially in today’s world, when young girls birth their children and after a few months, they begin to disconnect from their babies. Especially when the baby begins to crawl. I’ve heard babies being cussed at for being explorers, this is natural and yet the babies are the ones who begin to suffer emotionally, mentally and physically at such a tender age. Then we have the 5+ youths that are outside playing, getting into all kinds of trouble and they are doing whatever their imagination pushes them to do. This can be a little dangerous because these young people are not being properly harnessed. Or the children will tell an adult that they want to be this or that when they grow up and instead of encouraging the child, adults will either ignore their children’s vision or kill it by not nurturing the vision. If your child says I want to be a fireman, take the child to a neighborhood fire department, let the child speak with an actual fireman and go on an exploration within the firehouse. Buy the kid some toy fire trucks; if it’s what GOD has placed in the child, he will not grow bored with it but he will explore all the more as he grows up about that particular vision for him/herself. If the child grows bored and moves on to something else, there is no harm, cultivate that also. No child says to him/herself that they want to grow up and be an alcoholic, drug addict, prostitute, pimp, unemployed person, welfare recipient,  a prison inmate and so on if it’s negative. It’s in our childhood that we either learn to soar like an eagle because we were properly cultivated to do great things or walk among the chickens aimlessly. But GOD will provide us at any age to be energetic and strong in HIS strength. It’s not too late for those who have dropped out in life and I’m not just referring to school. GOD will restore us to our prime when we began to stumble and no one was there to catch us or pick us up. We will learn to spread your wings and soar like an eagle. We will run and not get tired and walk and not get left behind.

Now you maybe thinking, my body does not perform in the manner Elder Briscoe is writing, she maybe a young person who can still get around without aches and pains. Well, you are wrong. I am a middle-aged woman who daily wake up in pain in my hands, knees and legs. But because I was taught by my grandmother that I can achieve whatever I believe I can do. It was hidden within me. Unfortunately, her voice was not the loudest because I had already become damaged emotionally and mentally by the words that were spoken [at] me and to me by other family members. But when JESUS began to show me that I can be what HE said I can be and that I will be nothing I want to be within my own strength. I took a hold of that and slowly began to rely on HIM to perform what HE said I was going to be. Yes, I agree that our outer bodies are not reliable because of the curse we inherited from Adam. Our bodies are decaying daily in some form through joint pain and whatever. But we are to say over our lives that we are healed and healthy. Saying this daily will cause us to get up and get what we dream and visualize for ourselves to be done. Yes, it may seem impossible now where ever you are but GOD is the GOD of the impossible. Hey, there is nothing more satisfying than being daily eager to accomplish what we know we were meant to do in life. And if for whatever reason we have passed the age or we are no longer physically able to work in a field that we once desired to do. Find out what else you can do somewhere within that place or better yet, what other dream and vision did you have for yourself? Those things that we can do effortlessly are the dreams and visions we need to work on through CHRIST JESUS.

Stop thinking that you are too old, you can’t do it because your body is this way that you don’t have the finances to do. Stop thinking this way. And don’t share your dream and vision with others who will tell you that you can’t or it’s impossible. Everyone will not be excited or understand our dream and if you listen to them, they will have accomplished assassinated, aborting and killed our dream and we will be back where we were before. Tired, sapped of strength, weary, we’ve fallen and we won’t get up. In the spirit of our mind when we listen to what JESUS tells us when we read that we can be all that we can be and more. We will have a mind that is untarnished by the naysayers. Our attitude will change from impossible to possible in CHRIST JESUS. The spirit of our mind will constantly change from thinking as the world thinks, to thinking how GOD thinks of us and what we will be able to do in CHRIST JESUS. We will see how rotten our thinking once was and daily when thinking like garbage begins to creep in, we will know to throw that garbage out. We will know that smelly, rotten garbage thinking is not a way of life for us. We will have made up in our mind that we are going to allow JESUS to fashion us into our destiny. No one changes outside in, we will be changed from the inside out through the Holy Spirit. He will clean out everything that is not like JESUS if we allow Him to and we will begin to take on the mind of CHRIST JESUS. We will desire to be in the complete image of JESUS having HIS character and integrity.

Psalms 103:5; Is. 40:29, 31; 2 Corinthians 4:16; Ephesians 4:23; Colossians 3:10; Rom. 12:2, 8:29


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