Faith – Series I

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May 27, 2020

Faith is not a lesson that can be rushed through or read upon as a novel. Faith is what is obtained from GOD and then studied to renew the old mindset into a new mindset. So, I have decided to write a series on faith walking through the New Testament with a couple of Old Testament scriptures added for good measure.

Deuteronomy 32:20

The Most High GOD does not look on sin. HE conceals/hides/with-holds/withdraws from sight. HIS presence/consolation and support are hidden. Those without faith in CHRIST JESUS, who is nothing like CHRIST JESUS at all will like to think that they are the children of GOD but this type of thinking is deceptive. GOD does not have children who are void of HIS most unique SON CHRIST JESUS and who are perverse in nature.

Habakkuk 2:4

Every sinner is unrighteous. Only those who have come to CHRIST JESUS in faith are righteous.

Little faith or Misplaced faith – Matt. 6:30 MSG

Are we born with faith? Yes, we are. We believe that the adults in our personal environment are exactly who they say they are to us. As we grow older our faith diminishes to walk by sight, not by faith. We choose to believe the lie for the truth and that is because ninety-nine point nine percent of the time we do not know the truth. We are told to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, the boogie man, ghost, goblins and such. If you are an American reader, understand that the history that we are taught in school is not accurate or one-sided. There are those who have placed their faith in addictions of various sorts, employment, people, and wealth only to find themselves dis-solutioned or trapped in the dungeon/prison doors that we are doomed to serve a life sentence in without the possibility of parole. So, which do you at this very moment have, faith or misplaced faith in CHRIST JESUS? Do you accept, believe, lean, rely on, trust-in CHRIST JESUS, or has someone and or something taken the place where HE should be in your heart?

Matt. 8:26

Why are you afraid/cowardly/faint of heart/frightened? It is because you have misplaced faith.

Matt. 14:31

Misplaced faith/trust in JESUS is always in the company of doubt. What is in you to cause you to not believe in CHRIST JESUS? The Living Bible has it written this way “why do you doubt ME”?

Matt. 16:8

Those of misplaced faith/trust in JESUS will always be opinionated with self-determination to prove their case as to why something is or is not. This is called leaning on self-understanding. They have faith that their conviction to what lies they believe in is true and will stand their ground with the motive behind why what they believe is accurate and the hidden motive for the conclusion of their reasoning. Just because someone has the ability to verbalize and wow us while making their final cause does not make it true. The Word of GOD who is CHRIST JESUS the Living Word is TRUTH. And when we do not trust in HIM we will always fall for the lie. 

Matt. 17:20, 21:21

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having little faith, the problem is having misplaced faith. Remember, I wrote above that every human is born with faith but it is up to us where and who we place our faith. Each time JESUS said to those that HE was speaking with “you of little faith”. Why would HE say this if it were not true? Because, HIS telling them this meant that they had either heard and may be seen or not seen what HE can do, seen what HE can do either first hand or the result of what HE did.JESUS has no problem with our having a small mustard seed of faith but by no means should we be one year and greater with that same amount of faith in HIM. The mountains that are in our way are those people and things that try to disrupt our peace. But instead of speaking to the mountain, we speak about the mountain. Instead of running to GOD regarding the mountain, we run to addictions/crutches, the telephone, people in person or fall into anxiety/depression/worry. We surrender to the mountain all because we are actually demonstrating, teaching, and preaching to ourselves and those who are watching us that we do not believe/rely/trust in JESUS as we emotionally think we do in Sunday service. The key to faith is to not doubt. For the past forty-plus years that I have given my heart to JESUS, I have believed that I too can walk on water as Peter did before he took his eyes off JESUS. Have I successfully done so? Not yet, but that does not mean that I will stop trying as I believe that hopefully before going to sleep in CHRIST JESUS or before HIS return to pick me up and take me home that I will eventually walk on water. And, if for whatever reason the manifestation of my walking on water does not happen in my flesh, I know that when I begin to live in my truest form that walking on water will become effortless as breathing air.

In the conclusion of this Faith-Series One, I will like to leave you with this. Those who are religious or have misplaced faith in JESUS, really are unbelieving in CHRIST JESUS and will never find rest because they are broken off from HIM. Rom. 11:20; Heb. 3:17-19

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