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September 28, 2020

The Holy Spirit and the First Tabernacle-Hebrews 9:1-8

Within the Old Testament [former, agreement, contract, covenant, testament] GOD gave to Moses, and Moses gave to them the Hebrews/Israelites/Jewish nation, not to the Gentiles. Rules by which had to be adhered to as a sign of worship but more than that they are rules which are to be lived by in everyone and these rules are the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are the law of morality and we can witness today that every one of these commandments is being broken not just in secret but openly. We all are to worship GOD in the obedience of morality and this will never nor can it ever be done without possessing CHRIST JESUS. Some can check off this or that but without JESUS none of us can adhere to all ten.

There was made an earthen tent [a tabernacle] which GOD the architect gave explicit directions by which Moses was to build and furnish. And within this tabernacle was a veil, yes, the veil that was ripped in two by JESUS on the cross. Behind the second veil was called the Holiest of All. In there were the golden censure [vessel for burning incense] and the ark of the covenant [a box/chest] which held the agreement, contract, covenant, testament; also within the ark was the golden pot that held the manna [food provided to the Hebrews from GOD out of heaven] and Aaron’s rod which budded, blossomed and produced almonds. The ark was overlaid in gold and above it were the cherubim [plural of cherub] of glory overshadowing [cover, protect, shelter] the mercy seat [throne for the majesty of GOD].

There were limitations of this earthly service. Daily the priest went into the first part of the room which was called the sanctuary to worship, performing whatever their duties were. But into the second part went the high priest alone once a year taking with him blood which he offered for himself first and then for the rest of the people. Hmm, are you beginning to see a problem here with this? Sins touch everyone and no one was exempt and no one is exempt except the Man JESUS. There are sins being committed that we are not aware that are sinful and there are sins being committed that we know are sinful. This is an excellent reason for our needing a Savior. The moral rules which were written by the finger of GOD and given to Moses were not the beginning of when we were to obey because these rules were with mankind from the beginning. Every person who we have a record of being righteous lived by these rules. The difference is that they were not aware through the conscience that they were doing anything wrong when they did do wrong because they did not have anything pointing out their sins. For example, Abraham is the father of faith, yet, Abraham lied twice to save his own self from being destroyed. However, GOD continued to bless him because Abraham trusted GOD. Abraham trusted GOD to an unknown place to live, he trusted GOD to give him an heir with his wife Sarah, he trusted GOD that he and his son would return down the mountain, and so on. Yes, Adam [after his fall], Abraham, and many others made mistakes that were sinful but each of them never fell out of favor with GOD because they put their reliance on HIM. Read about some of the ordinary men and women in the book of Hebrews who are just like you and me that GOD never forsook. Sins are committed out of ignorance [absence of knowledge, a negative state of the mind, without instruction, failure, or neglect to do what is in one’s power to do. An omission is only innocent when duty demands performance but criminal when duty is neglected].

The Holy Spirit is teaching us that it was impossible for mankind to enter into the Holiest of All [the true tabernacle] because the place was not open to us. As long as people are still adhering to the old ways of trying to come to the FATHER through the duties and reliance of mankind we will miss HIM. No person can come to the throne/the mercy seat on our behalf because it may be done from an imperfect heart. JESUS has a perfect heart and HE has given us access into the true tabernacle. We have a perfect heart when the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit reside there.

JESUS The CHRIST has made it possible for all of us to come boldly before the mercy seat of GOD and speak with HIM face to Face without doubt and fear. The only mediator we now have is our perfect High Priest JESUS. However, HIS being our perfect High Priest does not keep us away from the FATHER but ushers us to the FATHER. None of us are capable of entering into HIS presence without HIS seeing the blood of JESUS in and on us. None of us are capable of entering into HIS presence without faith in HIS SON JESUS. None of us are capable of entering into HIS presence without having access by way of JESUS. There is no coming through the roof, no entering through the windows, no back door access, no coming up through the floor. There is only one door by which we must enter and the door is JESUS.

In JESUS we become the new tabernacle/tent, the holy place which has not been erected by the hands of mankind. In this new tabernacle, the laws are engraved, imprinted, written in the mind of our heart which is effecting our regeneration, HE is our GOD and we are HIS people. There will be no reason for us to be taught by another through experiencing GOD because we all can see and have experienced GOD for ourselves. We have experienced GOD’s mercy and HIS grace even in our wicked state of the heart. And for those of us who believe completely in JESUS The CHRIST our sins are remembered no more. The New Agreement, contract, covenant, testament has made the old rule of duties obsolete [gone, disused, neglect,obscure].

So, now how are we to obey the Ten Commandments? It is done so with just one commandment and that is LOVE. From the book of Matthew-Revelation, we are to learn how to love perfectly, and in doing so it is possible to keep the moral law.

Be the new tabernacle/tent where the FATHER, JESUS and Holy Spirit will live.

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