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We live in a world with conditions, we speak with conditions our very motives towards people are based on conditions. To take or leave out is based on the condition that suits us personally. So what does this have to do with feet? Everything. Because in the very scripture we see that the FATHER has informed us that HE has given all things to HIS SON, JESUS and that all things are subjected to HIM. With one exception, the FATHER is not subjected to the SON.

Ok, it has been made clear to me and I’m going to try and make it clear to you. That because the FATHER put all things under the feet of JESUS and they are subjected to HIM. All things that trouble us in life JESUS has them already. JESUS has the entire situation under HIS feet. Every one of the demons including satan is under HIS feet. The whole influences that those demons come at us with are actually under the feet of JESUS. When sickness and diseases come to attack our bodies they are to be placed under the feet of JESUS where they belong. All is the completeness of everything so my question is why are we dealing with anything when the Word of GOD informs us that the FATHER has given all things to JESUS and placed them under HIS feet and that they are subjected to HIM? Seems a bit insane to me, what about you?

This is powerful and we have got to get this in our spirits to live this out so that we can stop being a church of people who are anorexic and anemic. JESUS has already destroyed the kingdom of satan and we are the conquerors and victors. JESUS has subdued and vanquished brought his dominion down but we act as if HE has not. How do I know these things? Though I know and recognize that satan is a very real god, in our church buildings and in our conversations we give satan far too much credit and speak of him far too often. Why is he on our lips so? I know that if we glorified all that the FATHER is and all that the FATHER has done through CHRIST JESUS our faith will begin to soar. The enemy has no power or control over us any longer, yet, we continue to live our lives in fear and proclaim that we are Christians like frightened mice.

Now in this verse of scripture, the FATHER has made it perfectly clear to us if we only take the time to see and hear that HE has given all things to HIS SON JESUS and that they are all under HIS precious feet. And that all things are subjected to JESUS. But just as our parent’s hand over everything to us and everything is subjection to us that does not mean that our parents are subjected to us. And so it is with the FATHER and JESUS.

The exception in this scripture is that the FATHER GOD is not included to the subjection of CHRIST JESUS. Why would HE be? Even now JESUS may be found not only sitting at the right hand of the FATHER but also in the bosom of HIS FATHER as well. And when we are subjected to JESUS we should be found sitting in the bosom of JESUS.

Here is one more thing I will like to add, problems are nothing more than mountains to us and we should always move the mountain but until that mountain is moved stand on top of it. Because problems belong under our feet, not above our heads or surrounding us.

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1 Corinthians 15:27



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