Okay people, here is where the rubber will meet the road. Many people will proclaim that they know you but in reality, know nothing about you. For example, many people have said that they loved Michael Jackson but how were we able to say that when in reality we knew nothing about the man. What we only knew of him was his anointing, the career, his entertainment, his gift, his profession, his talent. Maybe if we lived with him for three months we would have begged to leave him. Or maybe we say that we really like or love a co-worker but do we really know that person? What we know is the person that we work with, that’s the relationship that we have built with that individual but in that person’s private life they may be the devil incarnate to their love ones. Religion is a lot like that it’s a pick and choose of what is liked and not liked, what is understood and not and complete legalism and judgment. But the relationship is knowing the good, bad and ugly and unconditionally loving and growing together. A husband and wife will love one another in the beginning and as time goes on will say they dislike or don’t love their mate’s flaws. This sometimes bring about divorce but when those flaws are present in their child they are able to love that child unconditionally. So let’s see where we really are and if we need to ask JESUS into our heart if we have not.

JESUS when on earth as man never once hid the FATHER from mankind. HE told us HIS very name, HE presented the FATHER HIMself to us in the flesh. And HE only did this to those whom the FATHER gave to JESUS out of the world. In the middle of the congregation of HIS brothers, HIS kinsmen JESUS praised HIS FATHER.

It is now like never before the time for us to stop being foolish and pay close attention. Because all lives belong to the FATHER both parents and children belong to HIM equally. So you need to know that when you die not believing in JESUS you die in sin.

This has been made very clear for us to understand. Great beyond all question is the formerly hidden truth underlying our faith. GOD was manifested physically in human flesh HIS name is JESUS. HE is justified and vindicated, proved righteously in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit had taken on the image of a dove and landed on JESUS after HE had been baptized and John the baptizer witnessed this as well as the many who were there. This dove did not fly from some destination nearby, no, heaven opened up and the dove came down from there. HE was seen by angels. Angels like humans are created beings, that’s why I never understand why people believe that when they die they become angels. Anyway, it was JESUS angels that came down from heaven with a violent earthquake this tells me that this event was not a sneak away event. And they were the ones who rolled that huge stone away from the door of the tomb where JESUS was resting from HIS death on the cross. And then they just sat there and probably watched the happenings in the neighborhood. HE is preached among the nations and believed and trusted throughout the world. And JESUS was blessing HIS disciples when HE was raised up in glory to heaven.

Okay, so now we know that from the beginning of our first hearing the truth of grace which is the Good News it has made its presence felt within us. It’s fruitful and it multiplies throughout the world in the same manner as it has from the beginning as we understood GOD’s grace as it really is and not shaping it as we desire it to be.

Now, I recall in my earlier walk with JESUS that when I came across such statements as “that we might live through HIM”. I could never wrap my mind around that to get the understanding. This is why you need the Holy Spirit so that He will teach you because I had to question Him about certain scriptures that just did not sit well with me. Some scriptures come across as if Christians have a choice. But that is not the case. Let me shine some light with you on how I study my scriptures, we are going to examine 1 Jhn 4:9 line per line.

  • In this the love of GOD was manifested toward us, [In this] first we must find out what the {this is} so we will have to step back because the substance will always be found in the context. 1 Jhn. 4:7-8 (In this) unselfishly love and seek out the best for one another. {love of GOD} now some of us may think we know what the love of GOD is but believe me we don’t if the following is not being manifested in your personal and public life. Love is from GOD only and if you truly are capable of loving others unconditionally then you are born of the FATHER and you know the FATHER and HE knows you by personal relationship and not through religion. But if you find it difficult to love others for any reason you don’t know the FATHER and the FATHER does not know you and HE never did. The FATHER is the originator of love this is HIS nature and HIS attribute. (Manifested) it has been made apparently clear that JESUS is GOD.
  • GOD has sent HIS only begotten SON into the world, this is the manifestation of GOD with us. HE is displayed within us, in our heart.
  • That we might live through HIM. This is not a choice for the born again believer because we already are living through HIM. We love and forgive just as JESUS manifested that to us. This is for the non-believer or the pseudo-Christian as I like to call them who think that they are Christians but lack the character, image, and integrity of CHRIST JESUS.

So there you have it, folks. A clear representation of who is real and who is really real in CHRIST JESUS.

John 17:6; Ps. 22:22; Ezek.18:4; 1 Timothy 3:16; Mt. 3:16, 28:2; Col. 1:6; Lk. 24:51; 1 John 4:9


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