For the believer in JESUS CHRIST

2 Peter 3

Brothers and sisters of mine in CHRIST JESUS; we have to remember this; the Lord JESUS views 1 day as 1000 years and 1000 years as 1 day. Oh, how clear and plain this is; JESUS in earth time was crucified 2,013 years ago but in HIS time it has been 2 days ago. Some of you may have your head cocked like an inquisitive dog and some of you maybe shouting because you’ve caught on. Now, JESUS is not careless, slow or weak about the promises HE has made. What JESUS is, is enduring with patience toward mankind. We need to be the very same; my heart breaks when I hear CHRISTians plead for JESUS to come now. I consider this to be so very selfish on their part; because I know that there are far too many family members that they have who have not accepted and believed that JESUS is the beloved SON of The Most High GOD who came in the flesh. There are far too many people that CHRISTians know who are not saved. If every single CHRISTian would witness and pray for lost sinners; maybe we could have the entire earth saved. Then it would be proper for JESUS to return. JESUS does not want to see 1 single person die in sin; blood is life and as long as we have warm blood flowing in our bodies we can share the gospel of grace with others. Think of ways to witness that would be comfortable to you. How many of us are ready for a thief to invade us? The proper answer is none. A woman can have her purse snatched; she’s not prepared for that. A man can have his wallet lifted; he’s not prepared for that. We can return to our homes that have the very best burgle system known to man and yet a thief may have the ability to bypass the bars, the alarm system and your watch dog. JESUS will come back just as a thief; none of us will be prepared outside of being saved through HIM. How many of us will have brothers and sisters in CHRIST waiting for us to come into heaven so they can thank us? How many of us will have brothers and sisters in CHRIST that will arrive with us that will be thankful for your persistence that they got in with even their very last breath? Love is the commandment that JESUS has given to us and love is what will cause us to witness about the grace of JESUS. We must be found blameless; consider the longsuffering of JESUS that HE had towards you and that someone witnessed to you. Who do you think you are not to share JESUS with others? Be found by JESUS to have HIS peace. We must be equipped in the full armor of GOD’s Word because there are far too many people who take and twist GOD’s Word to fit their twisted ideas and perception. Be wise in the spirit of wisdom as the Apostles of old; don’t allow untaught ignorant men and women without a relationship with JESUS to bend you to their destruction of the gospel in the scriptures. Because they have been doing this for some time and will continue to do so. You are the beloved of your FATHER GOD and we all must know this beforehand to be steadfast as we grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

Born Again

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