Condemn/ation – Part III


Dear non-believer as I begin to close this series understand that it has always been and always will be the desire of the LORD that you believe in HIM. And those who are blood washed have within them also the same desire to see all mankind in heaven with the FATHER and the SON and the Holy Spirit. None of us want to realize that someone that they love within our family did not make it to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS all because of non-belief in HIM. However, it is very true that the living that we experience today does not compare to the living in CHRIST JESUS while still here among others. Being filled with CHRIST and HIS Holy Spirit is not the end of having fun actually it’s the very beginning. It is better to believe in CHRIST rather than doing whatever you have a mind to do and study HIS Word rather than not believing in CHRIST JESUS than to die and find out that all that you heard but continued to deny was actually true. I know that at a funeral everyone like to believe that their loved one has gone to a better place as we think of heaven. But while there is still breath in our bodies we can have a heavenly life here on earth through CHRIST JESUS. Because the truth of it all is that those that have and those that will die in sin are going to be judged and condemned to hell and the lake of fire which is not intended for mankind. CHRIST JESUS and HIS Word does not need to be debated. Never enter into a conversation about what the Bible clearly teaches us if the people we are speaking with becomes argumentative and never speak on a subject matter within the Bible that you yourself are being disobedient or have no knowledge of. When the children of the living GOD does or say anything that they are aware of is disobedient to the Bible, they will be convicted not condemned but if the children of the living GOD does sin deliberately as a habit they are already self-condemned. Get it right with yourself and with others. Do what our living GOD has spoken in our spirit, pay no attention to the nay-sayers. Because our faith in the SON of GOD, CHRIST JESUS will never disappoint us to accomplish HIS work within us. Those that will see for themselves will be condemned to the point of coming to CHRIST JESUS. However, we must learn the difference between complaining and rejoicing. Don’t engage in the common language of complaining/condemning to ourselves, others or in prayer. We should not protest against a wrong, become angry against a wrong or whine about a wrong. Stop cursing, nursing and rehearsing the wrong which has been done to us or that we witnessed which happened to our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. Instead, learn to rejoice in the wrong that has either been experienced or witness because we are not the first that these things have happened to remember JESUS suffered wrong against HIM also so we are in the very good company of our Savior. We need to remember that those who are non-believers are not aware of what is in-store for them in the continuation of their disbelief in CHRIST JESUS and they are not aware that to come against us is to come against GOD’s anointed. Our FATHER is already aware that we are being stressed out because of the sin that is all around us in this world and some of us actually can see the demons running rampant throughout places. Remember those that came before us who were surrounded where they live in their communities by sinful activities of those who did not belong to our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Remember that sinners will be condemned and though they continue to reject us and the CHRIST within us that we will continue to try and convince them by our lifestyle more than with our speech because it is what we do and how we live that is being watched even when we don’t realize it. Remember that from the moment that we began to believe in CHRIST JESUS we were rescued from the danger of our GOD’s anger and what is to come. We have never experienced the anger of GOD as many believe we have because our GOD is slow to anger and merciful. Finally, my siblings in the heart and love of CHRIST JESUS rest in the knowledge that we are of the Truth rest the heart because our assurance is in HIM. Discontinue allowing the enemy to speak in your hearing, tormenting you with nonsense, know who you are in CHRIST JESUS and know that you are no longer condemned in sin and the condemnation that we get from others is actually orchestrated by the enemy. Our hearts are not hidden from our FATHER through CHRIST our LORD and Savior, meaning that HE is completely aware of our motives and intents. If we do anything or say anything that we are not aware whether it’s right or wrong and our heart does not convict us then know that we did nothing or said nothing that we need to apologize for. All we do and say should be done with CHRIST in mind and when we keep HIM first it will be impossible for us to go against HIM. One of our promises from the LORD is that when we come to the FATHER with a request in the name of JESUS that we will be heard. We must live a habitual life of obedience to HIS commandments and injunctions to continue without fail to adhere, believe, trust and rely on CHRIST JESUS regardless of what we see. And love everyone especially our own siblings in the faith whether we know their names or not because those that we don’t know by name or those that we have not yet met are our family and our love for them must be present. Non-believers you are already condemn but as long as there is breath in your bodies you can come from under being condemned. Stop pretending to know the CHRIST by your pretty words and go against HIM in your action of lifestyle. Or, trying to enter into heaven on the coat-tails of others. You cannot enter into heaven through the back or side door neither can you enter in through an open window, you must enter through the front door only.

So today make a choice to continue to live the life of condemnation with the punishment of hell and the lake of fire eternally. Or to adhere, believe, rely in, rest and trust by faith in CHRIST JESUS who has the power to strip us from all condemnation and to live a life of peace on earth knowing that one day we will get to see HIM and the FATHER to remain living with them eternally.

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