Forgive – Psalms 86:5

For YOU, LORD, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon YOU.

Who’s good? No one is good but the LORD GOD, Mt.19:17. I don’t care how we may see ourselves or another; no one is good but the LORD GOD. I hear folk say all the time that he / she has a good heart; no he / she doesn’t. He / she has a wicked heart full of sin that is why he / she thought what they thought; looked at what they looked at; spoke the way they spoke; listened to what they were listening to and live the way they live. But thank GOD that HE is always ready to forgive the sinner. And once the sinner is forgiven because the sinner surrendered and turned his / her life over to CHRIST JESUS; you will remain forgiven for the rest of your natural life and throughout eternity. We can now live our life of freedom without condemnation of our past or because we make a mistake here and there. Now when we sin; it will not be because this is our lifestyle it will be because we allowed our flesh to get the better of us and our walk of faith is a learning process. The blood of JESUS has washed us clean and purified us from sin and the life of sin. We are no longer a prisoner to sin; we don’t have to report to a parole or probation officer which is a reminder that we are not completely off the hook. With CHRIST, freedom does not come with conditions; all we need to do is be free in CHRIST. We sin by mistake; no problem. Get yourself back up on your feet ever so quickly, dust yourself off and tell JESUS what you did and thank HIM that you don’t have to be condemned by that mistake because you know that you are already forgiven. Now why is it that you know that you are forgiven of present and future sins? Because CHRIST JESUS said so and GOD is abundant in mercy to all who will call on HIS name. HE will answer us; HE will not ignore us. Read Rom. 5:20-21; Eph.1:6-8 and Eph. 2:4. This has to be encouraging to us; I get upset when CHRISTians make a mistake and they allow the devil or ignorant humans to condemn them because they were caught saying or doing something they know GOD is not pleased with. Anyone that convicts their brother or sister is more than likely doing the same thing and just has not gotten caught. Brothers and sisters in CHRIST that bad mouth other family members are showing their immaturity and lack of love for family. So, in essence they are in the same boat as we are. Stop that crab mentality and help each other up instead of pulling each other down. Encourage each other to be watchful because whatever got us off track will come back; so be ready to past the test the next time. Look, GOD does not see our faults when HE looks at us; what HE sees is the blood of JESUS and the abundant grace and mercy that is smeared all over our head, down our body to the sole of our feet. It can’t be washed off or moved off. We are forever engrafted in the hand of the FATHER. So be like your ABBA and forgive yourself and others. Be like your ABBA and render mercy, pardon the sinner because he/she has no clue as to what they are doing. And pardon your brother / sister because they are our family. Put off arrogance and ignorance and put on love so that others can be reconciled to us as we desire to be reconciled to the FATHER.

Forgive – appease, atonement, away, cleansed, forgive, merciful, pardon, pitch, purge, put off, reconciliation, reconcile


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