Yes we can-With help


From the second we have received the free gift offered to us all which is Salvation from FATHER GOD through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. We were filled with HIS promised Holy Spirit. Thing is most often this is not taught. Regardless of how old we are we can be newborn babies or well seasoned/mature in CHRIST JESUS we have everything that we need in HIM to do all the things that HE said we can do and more. This is because we have the promised Helper living on the inside of us and He is the Holy Ghost/Spirit.

The reason so many of us hesitate to do those things that CHRIST JESUS said that we can do are for the obvious reasons:

  1. We are unaware
  2. We do not study the Word of GOD for ourselves
  3. Some of us are not taught from the pulpit that we can do what the Word of GOD said that we can do. This is why we are always asking for others to pray for us or praying to GOD to do something that HE clearly said that we can do ourselves with the help from HIS Holy Ghost/Spirit.
  4. Another reason is that we believe that only certain or special people are equipped/gifted to lay hands on and pray; or, pray and receive results.

No, all of us, if we will only step out in our faith in CHRIST JESUS, can do all the things that CHRIST JESUS said that we can do through HIM with the help from HIS Holy Ghost/Spirit. And, just as JESUS CHRIST prayed, healed, delivered many from whatever they were going through at that particular time because of HIS faith in FATHER GOD. We too must operate in faith to get the job done, the person who we are praying for does not require to have faith just as the majority of those JESUS helped did not have faith in what HE was doing. Their dilemma does not require their faith to be in operation, their dilemma requires that our faith is in operation. And, finally, do not pay attention when the person does not see or feel the result of our prayer in faith in GOD through CHRIST JESUS immediately. Just tell them to wait a moment, they will see or feel the result of what we by faith prayed for and in this, we just may win a soul by either the one who received the answer to our prayer on from the onlookers. Be encouraged GOD will never leave us flapping in the wind, HE is a responder of our faith in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS.

1 John 2:20 We who are washed in the blood of JESUS by faith in HIM have in our possession a sacred appointment [Decree; established order or constitution; as it is our duty to submit to the divine appointments. Direction; order; command.], we possess an unction [diving sanctifying grace]. In other words, we have received that same anointing from JESUS which HE operated in when HE walked this same earth. The anointing is HIS Holy Spirit as promised.

His anointing lives in us, it is not like it was in the Old Testament when certain men and women who were chosen by GOD did and spoke as they did when the Holy Spirit was with them or on them temporarily. No, the Holy Spirit now lives on the inside of us permanently. Our FATHER has anointed us and has caused us to be citizens which means as citizens of heaven we have all the rights in heaven as we have all the rights from whichever country we are a native or naturalized citizen of. We have HIS gifts because we are in a firm union with CHRIST JESUS by relationship.

Unlike our relatives, associates or friends, who do not believe in CHRIST JESUS we have been anointed with the oil of gladness and joy.

When we have a great desire to seek the LORD, HE will cause us to understand completely because the Holy Spirit is the revealer of all things, He hides nothing from us. The Holy Spirit is our Truth-Giving Spirit, notice that He is a giver, not a with-holder. His job is to lead us into all truth, not partial truth. The Holy Spirit will never speak to us out of turn, no, He must because He cannot help Himself repeat everything that He hears and spill all the beans to us. He will not only tell of things that we stand in need of right now, but He will also tell us of the things we need to know in the future, not as mystics try to do. There is nothing mystical about the operation of the Holy Spirit. And, finally because we operate in the Spirit we find ourselves discerning,  examining, inquiring, investigating, and questioning, all things. Because we have the mind of CHRIST.

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