2 Corinthians 2

What a wonderful word forgiveness is. Do you know that all day long we may have to stand in forgiveness of someone for doing something or saying something that they should not have said or done? For instance; I can be watching a television program that I really enjoy and the actor or actress may say something that will include the name of GOD and I find myself asking for forgiveness for that person because I know that they are unaware of what they are saying. Too often we are ready to correct; judge or condemn people when we should just forgive them. To forgive someone is not just a meer toss of the word but it’s a release from the obligation of what can come by their action. It’s to grant a pardon much like what a Governor does when they are about to inject that lethal fluid into a prisoners veins for a stay from execution be it for a short time or for good. Forgiveness is to stop blaming and holding resentment towards another for their faults towards us. Hmm; now look at what the LORD JESUS did for us when HE forgave us of our sins. HE released us from the obligation of death that was to surely come; HE pardoned us of our sins and we are no longer sentenced to death and hell eternally. And HE does not blame us for our shortcomings but HE understands them and HE does not condemn us because we are forever and forever forgiven. We as CHRISTians must grow up and forgive our spiritual siblings for their faults because we are not faultless ourselves. We need to examine ourselves; where are we perfect at? We are not perfect and neither is our spiritual siblings; learn to exercise how to forgive, comfort and encourage one another. I’m ashamed that we are harboring past hurts against each other. That is not what our heavenly FATHER desires from us. Love is not a noun it’s a verb and a verb according to my elementary schooling is an action. Don’t tell me you love me if you can’t show me that you love me and there are times when you’re loving me will have to be exercised in forgiving me. Didn’t the LORD JESUS say in Matthew 6:14; “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly FATHER will also forgive you. Well, what’s the problem Anna May? Where is the breakdown in communication? We are quick to ask the FATHER to forgive us and it’s expected; but the scripture has made it too clear (my interpretation; you forgive another and I’LL (the LORD GOD) forgive you). Become the character of the LORD JESUS CHRIST; smell like the LORD JESUS CHRIST which is a fragrance of what it means to know HIM. To the nostrils of our heavenly FATHER we are the aroma of HIS beloved SON the LORD JESUS CHRIST; to the lost or better known as the non-believer we are the aroma of death which leads to death and to the forgiven who has eternal life with the FATHER and the LORD JESUS CHRIST we are the aroma of life which adds to more life. It is with great urgency that I ask you who are called into the ministry and to those of you who are of the five fold ministry; not to be a hireling of the gospel of faith. Do not adulterate; prostitute the Word of the living GOD for financial gain. Give freely as you have been given the Word of life; give from a sincere heart this will be a witness that we are true servants of the living GOD who stand in union with the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


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