Forgiveness – Daniel 9:9

To the LORD our GOD belong mercy and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against HIM.

Are we anything like Daniel and acknowledge to the LORD by saying, “GOD, I’ve transgressed”/sinned. Unlike during Daniel’s time; we now live in a time of Grace and Mercy from the LORD GOD. The LORD GOD will not follow through on the promises that HE spoke on those that rebelled against HIM; because JESUS resolved the issue of rebellion and sin. Daniel lived during a time when the law of Moses had to be adhered to; but we now live during a time when we should want to obey the Law of CHRIST JESUS and HIS Word. The LORD in the Law of Moses did declare that if they would turn away from GOD and seek other gods that HE would allow them to be driven out of the land and anything that happened to them; they only had themselves to blame. All of those things happened to them because they were guilty; they failed to keep the Law of Moses. Now is the acceptable time of Grace and Mercy; those powerful twins that protect us from the wrath of GOD. The scripture enforces within us that mercy and forgiveness belong to the LORD GOD. We can’t receive mercy nor forgiveness from anyone unless it’s theirs to give. And because mercy and forgiveness belongs to the LORD GOD it’s ours to give as well. Yesterday, I read a letter from someone I never knew existed; she asked me to forgive her because she sinned against me. I never knew that; yet, the LORD GOD pricked her heart so; that she was provoked to write and ask for forgiveness. My heart had compassion and I forgave her; I did not need to know what it was she either did; said or thought that was against me or this ministry. I remembered that I was forgiven of many sins; sins, that I have or have not committed. So who am I not to forgive one that comes against JESUS, me or the ministry that the LORD GOD has placed on my life? I can forgive and have mercy on mankind because JESUS has given to me the ability to forgive and to have mercy on mankind and myself. Everything that the LORD GOD has; I have; I may not know how to fully flow in what I have; I may not even know all that belongs to me through CHRIST JESUS. But I do know and understand that because the FATHER is in JESUS; JESUS is in the FATHER; JESUS is in me; I am in JESUS and the FATHER is in JESUS and me. Glory; Praise YOU FATHER GOD; thank YOU (shouting)!

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  1. Love your writing ministry sis! And thank you so much for always taking the time out to encourage my work. Love you to life! Keep up the awesome work for God in sharing the Gospel!

    1. You are welcome. You are a far better writer than I am. I enjoy your writings because they are original. It lets me know that you spend quality time with our LORD and you are not just typing scriptures or repeating what you just heard on televisiion ministry or church.

      I LOVE you and your ministry.
      Elder Shawn

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