Is Salvation Worth Ignoring

Hebrews 2

Angels at one time spoke about the salvation of the LORD. That message has been the same and has been firmly established. Today we may use words such as pros and cons. The pro is that when we hear, accept, and believe by faith that JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD Most High; who came in the flesh. And we confess that HE is and believe that HE will return for those who belong to HIM; then we accept that HIS resurrection is real and that HE is alive and so are we because of what HE did on that cross for us. We know that HIS precious holy blood that spilled out cleansed and delivered us from sin and not only that but HIS broken flesh healed and delivered me from every disease, sickness and infirmity known and unknown to man. The con however; is that when we don’t listen to what we hear, we don’t accept what has been told to us and we don’t believe in JESUS the CHRIST the first fruit; the begotten SON of the Most High GOD who Lives. Then we hold on to the punishment that was not intended for mankind; those who don’t believe in the truth will go to hell. Those who are in route to hell are sinners and your reward is the lake of fire. JESUS spoke of HIS love and forgiveness; HE spoke about the kingdom of GOD. HE spoke about HIS death and resurrection. JESUS healed the sick; raised the dead; the blind began to see and the death began to hear. Even if you are not considered blind and death according to medical standards we are all blind and death until JESUS come into our lives. From the cross JESUS said “FATHER, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  That’s because of our sin soaked being; our mind is warped; our eyes are closed to the truth; our ears are closed to hearing the voice of GOD; our heart is filled with hate and sin and adheres to the will of the flesh. Our spirit is dead; we are actually zombies; that’s right we are the living dead. But when we ask JESUS to come into our lives and HE accepts the invitation and HE will always accept that invite because that is what HE is waiting on; for us to invite HIM into our lives. Then we truly become living vessels of honor. When we leave this life; we are not dead and we are not lost; we are only asleep. Those who die in sin are the ones who are dead and lost. The children of GOD can do what JESUS did when HE was here on earth. GOD bears witness with signs and wonders which are called miracles. The Holy Spirit is not a respecter of persons and He does what JESUS directs Him to do; so His gifts are distributed to whomever JESUS wills. Angels are perplexed by the love GOD has for mankind. They ask; “What is man that YOU are mindful of him? Or, the son of man that YOU take care of him? YOU have made him for a little while lower than angels. YOU have crowned him with glory and honor; and set him over the works of YOUR hands. YOU have put all things in subjection under his feet.” I give my GOD praise; it is because of JESUS who came in the flesh to become subjected to the temptation, ridicule, punishment, torture and mischaracterize of justice for you and me. That HE has placed the enemy beneath HIS feet. Nothing has been left undone by JESUS. JESUS suffered for mankind; JESUS died for mankind and JESUS rose from the dead for mankind and is crowned with all glory and honor. Think about that; JESUS had a crown of twisted / plated thorns placed upon HIS head and now HE has a crown of glory and honor on HIS head. My salvation and so is the salvation of many others who have accepted HIM been made perfect. JESUS does not have to suffer again for mankind and mankind does not have to suffer at all. We don’t have to accept sickness and disease. We don’t have to go through the same things that the world goes through. We must realize that we are immune to those things. I am not ashamed to be in JESUS and to be called a CHRISTian. Neither is JESUS ashamed to be within me and to call me HIS sister. JESUS declares the names of those who walk with HIM to our DADDY. You see if you are truly a CHRISTian; stop being a closet CHRISTian, as the homosexuals say and do; they have come out of the closet. You do the same. Proclaim your faith in CHRIST JESUS. Never be ashamed, JESUS is not a Saturday or Sunday only conversation. JESUS is not a bible study only topic either. The very best conversation any person can have is that which contains who JESUS is and what HE has done for us. Declare to the world that JESUS is your brother; put your full trust in JESUS not partial. It does not matter what things look like; you continue to trust in what JESUS has done. It will eventually manifest. JESUS says “Here I AM and I have with me all that YOU have given to ME; they are YOUR children FATHER.” If you did not know or don’t know that the enemy, satan, the devil is destroyed then you don’t know JESUS. JESUS destroyed the enemy and has taken back the keys of death; so death has no power over who belong to JESUS. Come on out of bondage; you can be acquitted of your crimes; allow JESUS to go before the JUDGE and plead your case. Did you know that mankind is who JESUS will bring aid to? Did you know that HE does not provide aid to angels? HE comes for the seed of Abraham the father of faith. Are you a seed of Abraham? JESUS is merciful; JESUS is faithful; JESUS is our High Priest; our Pope. We can go directly to GOD because JESUS made that possibility a reality for mankind; we no longer need a go between. Because the full penalty of sin was on JESUS as HE hung on that cross; JESUS got the full punishment from HIS FATHER GOD. GOD had to turn HIS back on JESUS because GOD cannot look on sin. Sins reward is death. So my sisters and brothers when you are tempted and I know that you are because I too am tempted to do what I know. You go to the FATHER; let HIM know that you want to do this and that. Ask HIM to help you out of that; HE will because JESUS dealt with temptation for us. What usually helps me is to speak HIS Word aloud; don’t think it because that does not help. Ever notice that when you speak you can’t hear yourself think? That’s because your brain is trying to hear what your mouth is saying. I love you all be encouraged. Sinners you need to get saved through JESUS today. http://amfbministry/

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