Oh how sweet it is! Many will never know the true meaning of freedom until they have realized that they are held captive by something.

You can lose your freedom voluntarily by committing a crime and going to jail. We all are prisoners to sin and none of us realize that we have no freedom until we come to know JESUS and HIS salvation for us.

Freedom from wrong choices and sin is wonderful. Most people think that the Bible is full of don’ts when actually it’s full of freedom to do or to have.

Freedom allows us the right to Enjoy; all the privileges and rights of citizenship or membership. Freedom is the right to Enjoy; frequently at will. The power to make choices without constraint.

JESUS CHRIST has given us freedom. All we need to do is believe and act on that freedom. We have liberty by which JESUS has made us free. We don’t have to sin and the older that our walk with GOD is the less we sin by choice or by ignorance or by the old nature. We no longer are slaves to the desires of our flesh; we now flow in the fruit of the Spirit where we have righteousness by faith in JESUS. Our freedom and faith are worked out in us through love.

My friends know that you no longer need to feel as though you are trapped and that there is no way out. Everything that you desire to be free of is available to you. Prisoner, come out in freedom. Isaiah 49:9

Sin no longer is master over you; you become the master over sin; today and now. Live under the freedom of GOD’s grace. Romans 6:14

We are all prisoners of sin, so we receive GOD’s promise of freedom only by believing in JESUS CHRIST. Galatians 3:22

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