EMERGENCY CARE is required right now on our esteem. People have no idea how valuable they are because they don’t see themselves as GOD has designed them. And because they don’t see themselves this way they don’t know how to speak the correct affirmations to not only themselves but to others especially their loved ones. Most people who suffer from depression don’t get this way after leaving their native home, it begins in the native home. As early as when in the womb negative words are said that affect the emotions of an unborn child. I know, I’ve heard expecting mothers speak and it sent chills through my spine. It is preferred that everyone knows JESUS and that JESUS knows everyone but even if this is not the case technology should be used for the positive purpose. Go on YouTube and pull up “Positive Affirmations” play them, say them. Get into a mirror hug yourself and tell yourself “I am beautiful, I love you, I am terrific, and I have a great smile”. Tell yourself those things that you wish you heard from others. Don’t depend or wait on another, love yourself because when you learn to know how marvelous you are and begin to love yourself. It will begin to show and others will see that coming from the inside out.

People don’t realize that they are fearfully made and that they are wonderful. But we are and this is not a credit to our parents, this is a credit to our Creator GOD who we should thank each and every day especially when we wake up in the land of the living. Our emotions should be involved in praising the works of GOD more than our emotions are involved in shouting at a sports event or a party or whatever gets us so excited.

Now, this paragraph is only for the blood washed, the believer in JESUS CHRIST, the ones who received the gift of salvation and are not ashamed of the gospel and HIS Word in public. We are a chosen people, specifically picked like a ready ripe sweet fruit ready to eat. We need to know that we are a special people, a chosen race, a royal priesthood, and a consecrated nation. We are GOD’s very own possession and we are the ones who are to declare the praises of how we were taken out of the darkness of hell and placed into the glorious light. We are to use our very own testimony of how JESUS opened our spiritual eyes so that we were able to see that we were groping around in the spiritual darkness.

Once we saw that, we wanted out of there and now we want to share this with you, we want to invite you to come to JESUS so that you may turn from darkness to light. So that you can get from beneath the clutches of satan and come to the open hands and arms of GOD who will be a true FATHER of love towards you. You will receive complete forgiveness of everything from beginning to end, emotionally, mentally, and physically and you will be released from those sins. That means that you will be dead to that crap, you will become a new creation, old things will have passed away. And you must not allow your past to haunt you. You will become instantly an inheritor with everyone who has been sanctified by faith in JESUS. Better than the Nike term of “Just do it”.  Just Trust JESUS!

Psalms 139:14; 1 Peter 2:9; acts 26:18


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