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What better way to explain the glory of GOD than to make it perfectly clear about HIS divine perfections and excellence. HIS glory is insurmountable, so much so that the heavens are continually declaring such. Ever wonder why we look to self-praise or the praise from others? It’s because we are made in the image of GOD. Just as everything that GOD has created offer up to HIM adoration in honor of HIS glory. We too look for others to adore us with praise, to tell us how we shine in the brilliance of our accomplishments. And if we don’t get this we begin to self-glory by boasting of our achievements. These devices may take on various forms of which I will not cover because I’m certain everyone is aware that speaking about your own achievements are not the only way to get people to focus on what it is that has been done. However, where can we look and not see the handiworks of GOD there are creations that mankind have yet to discover that is waiting for the betterment of our lives. We as humans should want to give GOD all the adoration and honor because HE alone is the highest GOD. HE is worthy of all praise, HE is still the most famous deity to be hated and rejected by HIS most loved creation. JESUS is an honorable representation of the FATHER.

In the kingdom of heaven, GOD is given glory. And on this earth, GOD’s peace was given to us. Hmm, I noticed that unless we a part of the kingdom of heaven, we will not give GOD glory which is due to HIM. And, the second JESUS was birthed into this world peace arrived for us all. Peace did not show up at the crucifixion of JESUS, or when JESUS rose from the dead ministered and returned to heaven. Peace did not even come when the Holy Spirit showed up at Pentecost. No, peace showed up in JESUS CHRIST in that manger.

I’m a huge fan of the opening of the gospel of John because it explains what, where, and who JESUS is. Spelling out that JESUS is GOD and that we actually looked on the glory of GOD in the flesh but many never recognized this. Imagine having pure glory living, eating, socializing with us daily. Someone that we could actually touch not some rock star or prominent person that could not be gotten close to. HE is not a GOD that just looks down low on us and we imagine that HE can’t possibly know what we go through as humans because HE does. Our GOD is full of grace and full of truth. And because JESUS is a pure truth we learn the truth about salvation and it is when we come to JESUS that HE set us free from the guilt and penalty of sin. This glory, this brilliance, this light which leads us out of darkness who is JESUS is the only way to GOD the FATHER, HE is the only real truth and HE is the only life that is genuine. There is no window entrance, back or side door entrance to see GOD the FATHER. We want to get into heaven we must see the glory that is JESUS.

Luke 2:14, John 1:14, john 8:32, 14:6


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