GOD is Love

1 John 4

We have heard that GOD is a GOD of Love most or all of our life. However, do we truly believe that HE is? I truly don’t believe that most of us do; this includes those that do have a relationship with HIS SON, JESUS. Why am I being so bold to write such an accusation as this? Because for many weeks now I have been sitting back listening and watching the saints and the soon to be saints. And, I am convinced that most people don’t understand this Love that our GOD has for people. Saints, did you know that the moment you accepted JESUS as your Savior; you received the very Spirit of GOD? With HIS Spirit living within us; we have the ability to know who is and who is not for JESUS. You see; with the Spirit of GOD living on the inside of us; it is virtually impossible to deny JESUS. GOD’s Spirit will have us to confess that JESUS is the CHRIST and that JESUS came in the flesh. This is proof positive that we can recognize our siblings even if they don’t look like our siblings or speak as our siblings. Those who do not have a relationship with JESUS and do not have the Spirit of the Living GOD living within them cannot make this profession. They will recognize JESUS as many things but not GOD; Savior or LORD. JESUS will be recognized as one of the saviors; a teacher and a prophet. You will hear people say that JESUS was a good guy. And that is as far as they will take it. But, I’m writing to you believers that we are Overcomers because JESUS CHRIST overcame for us. HE lives within us and HE is greater than anything or anyone that comes at us negatively. We belong to GOD; HE is our DADDY! So don’t be afraid to speak about the Love of our GOD who gave us HIS Only Beloved and Begotten SON and named HIM; JESUS. Those who belong to GOD will hear us and speak with praise about GOD. Those who do not belong to GOD will have a deaf ear. We will know the spirit of truth and lies. Just listen and watch. Another thing that I notice among the saints which breaks my heart; is the fact that so many of us say that we love GOD and that we love JESUS; yet we bad mouth folks. We speak against their skin color; what they look like; how they behave and how they speak. Ok, I understand that how a person speaks; can be off setting. But what I can’t understand is that we speak about people skin color in a negative racial way. We speak about how we think another person appears un-attractive. Who do we think we are?! GOD made us all in HIS image regardless of the skin color and regardless of our features and body size. We are to love our siblings regardless. Understand, that GOD did not look down from heaven and say; hmm, so and so is so very nice and cute or pretty or handsome so I will give them my SON JESUS. Nor did HE say that you are error free in etiquette or speech. No, GOD knew that every human on earth needed a Savior regardless of how we feel or see the other person. GOD loves all humans equally without conditions. So you must love also as HE loves. You must see the need as GOD sees the need. You must recognize that those who walk in darkness; don’t know what they are doing. JESUS made that so very plain when HE was being crucified. JESUS said “Forgive them FATHER; for they know not what they do.” That’s what we must say; when we see things that are against GOD from others. But let’s not begin and end there; say that about you also. There are things that we look at, listen to, say and do out of pure ignorance. That very same quote applies to the saints also. Just tweak it a wee bit; forgive me FATHER, because I don’t know what I’m doing. GOD gave and sent HIS SON into the world so that we will live through HIM. What an expression of love. GOD Loves us and so does JESUS; because HE could have declined I’m sure. However, JESUS did what GOD sent HIM here to do. JESUS, HIMSELF dealt with the full anger of HIS FATHER instead of us. So stop believing that GOD is sitting up in heaven ready to cause major havoc in your life for your disobedience. Love does not create havoc or chaos. JESUS made it possible for us to find favor with GOD. JESUS did not commit one sin; yet HE took on every single minute and massive sin; humans could think of doing; will do; could do; have done and so on. This is why I can’t understand that lukewarm or cold love saints have for one another. When we truly understand the funk that JESUS snatched us from; how can we sit or stand back and judge another for their sin/s. Pray for each other; pray for the lost ones that they will accept and believe in JESUS as their Savior. That the lost will know that they too are forgiven. This is how we know that we live in JESUS and JESUS lives inside of us; because HIS Spirit propels us to love and forgive. We can’t help ourselves because of HIS Spirit. JESUS is the only Savior of the world and there is no escaping that fact. Whoever will say with his or her mouth that JESUS Is The SON of GOD, has GOD living in himself or herself and he or she is living inside of GOD. Know and believe never ever doubt again; regarding the love that GOD has for us. Love is perfected and we can be bold in HIS love. Just as JESUS is, so are we in this world. Don’t forget that. Love and fear do not live together. Perfect love will kick fear in the backside and throw him out. Fear will always torment a person and if you are allowing yourself to be fearful and tormented by what or who you fear. Then you don’t understand the love of GOD. Nor do you believe and trust in GOD’s love for you. Remember this; if you say that you love GOD and hate your CHRISTian siblings. You are a liar and the truth does not live within you. Stop being racial, vain or judgmental. Love as GOD loves you.

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