When my children were small and they were being taught to read, I instilled within them that reading is not just the ability to recognize and say the words that are on a page. Reading is the ability to recognize, say the word correctly, and know the definition of each and every word. I would without warning ask them what does “A” mean or what does “The” mean and so on. Many people have the ability to read but do not know the definition of most words that they read. Today, we are going to take a look at how we experience the better of GOD. We must be able to recognize HIS great qualities which are better than what we are used to having. How through HIS better we can experience a better in our physical being; in our morals; in our possessions; and in our finances. In CHRIST JESUS we have better advantages; acceptance; safety; health; skill; wisdom; success; better affection and such.

Every born-again CHRISTian at the beginning of their transformation from being a sinner to being a saint desire to immediately be with CHRIST JESUS. And then somewhere in our growing up in HIM the fire to be with HIM goes down but not out. Then as we have become mature in HIM and have grown weary of all that we hear and see in this world our desire returns and we groan inwardly wanting to be with CHRIST again but recognize that we are not really ready to go to sleep (die physically) to await HIS return for us. This pulling that we experience is because we are experiencing the better in CHRIST JESUS. We want others to experience this and some of us have grown weary trying to get our families and friends to trust in CHRIST JESUS. But our position in our family and among our friends is not to preach so much or beat them up with our Bible, rather, it is to be an example to them, showing them the better of our life in CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit is showing us in CHRIST JESUS a better life in HIM every day. When we remain in HIS presence we are bathed and or showered in HIS fullness of joy which I believe most of you will agree with me is better than the roller coaster happiness that we once had. Joy outweighs happiness because the joy of the LORD is not predicated on our experience of who we are around, what we see or what we hear and especially by not by how we feel. We receive from CHRIST JESUS, HIS pleasures from the FATHER because HE is sitting at the right hand of our FATHER and the FATHER said that at HIS right hand are pleasures evermore. Didn’t the FATHER say in the hearing of witnesses that JESUS is HIS beloved SON and HE is well pleased with HIM? Pleasure is the action of, please.

Just because life happens to us all it does not negate that in our salvation we are to doubt in HIS Word and HIS promises to us which are better than the words we once believed. What accompanies our salvation is better blessings from HIM. Okay, we have come to JESUS and in doing this we are no longer apart of the Old Covenant we are now going to experience HIS New Covenant for us which is better than that covenant of old. JESUS is our Defense Attorney, Counselor, and Mediator; we need HIM to be this for us because in our minds we hear the voice of the enemy accusing us of what our hearts want in our old life which is sinful. Each and every one of us falls into the mud of sin, however, when we do we must get up quickly and move forward to get out of the filth. Move forward and acknowledge that we messed up but don’t believe for an instant that we have fallen out of the grace of GOD. This is the promise of the New Covenant that we have in HIM and the enemy accuses us based on the Old Covenant. Every day we are being sprinkled in the blood of JESUS because in HIS blood we have better promises.

Philippians 1:23; Ps. 16:11; Hebrews 6:9, 12:24




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