GOD keeps HIS Promises

Nehemiah 1:5

Let’s ask ourselves these questions; do I have faith in GOD’s promises; would I reroute my plans in life to enjoy the promises of GOD? Do I know the promises of GOD that pertains to my life?

For some of us the answer will be no and for others we will say yes because we have tried and successfully proved GOD to do just what HE said HE would do.

The promises of GOD are not hocus pocus and boom you have what you want. The promise of GOD is what will be received when we HIS children do our part. LOVE is such a key factor with HIM. Believe it or not GOD truly LOVEs us; HIS Word informs us of this in John 3:16. How we show our Love for HIM is through obedience then HE comes again with providing the promise. What a blessing! When we truly LOVE we can’t help but to follow through being positive
in action, speech and thought. We don’t dwell on the negative that is all around us in action and speech. Most of our thoughts are not negative but we think about how we can make someone have a better day. We want to share the promise that GOD has given to us with those who are not experiencing HIS promise and inform them as to how they may enjoy life to its fullest. I’m not saying that life will be trouble free; trouble will come but GOD promises to get us through it. Remember “though I walk through the valley of death”. Trouble in our lives is a deadly time for us; trouble will take out a person who seems to be very strong. Some of us instead of walking through the trouble to get to the other side we lay or sit on trouble and we are overcome by it. But when we reflect on the promises that GOD has given to each and everyone of us we will see and receive what GOD has for us.

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