I need this. I need that. We always need something; so we think; yet the real problem is not that we need but what we think we need. What we think we need 99% of the time is really what we want. We must learn the difference.

 Need: a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation. Example, it’s a requirement for all of GODs creation to serve HIM. It’s necessary for us to breath, that’s the duty of our lungs. We have an obligation to love one another.

 Want: to wish, crave, demand, or desire. Example, you wish you had more money. You crave or desire something that you think you can’t do without. You demand respect.

 Have you noticed the difference? Let use an everyday life experience. “I need some coffee” or “I’m going to buy a new car; I can’t afford it but I want it”.

 We must come to the realization that, in the theatre of our lives and written on the marquee is the following.



Featuring: air, food, shelter and clothes.

Coming Attractions

Education and Employment

*****During the performance a short intermission to inform the audience of a much needed requirement for a full life*****

Please remain seated

Hello, MY name is JESUS. I’M the ONE and Only Begotten SON of GOD; The Creator of Heaven and all that is there. The Creator of the seas and all that is in them. The Creator of earth and the fullness there of. HE’s even The Creator of hell which was not created for you but for the devil and his angels. WE LOVE you and I gave MY life for you so that you would not have to go to that place. There is nothing you need to do except believe in ME and accept ME. Allow ME to come into your hearts and life. You don’t need to try and change before asking ME to come in because you can’t change on your own. I’M the greatest need you have; when you need ME, you will want ME. Thank you for your time during the intermission.

 WoW! Do you know that GOD has said all of our needs have been met? Whether you are a believer or not your needs are met. All your wants are either reward to yourself or from HIM. Without JESUS you are rewarding yourself and depending on the circumstances you may lose what you got yourself. With JESUS, HE rewards us and no one can take it from us.

So stop worrying about your needs. GOD knows what you need. HE will not see you do without. If you are a skeptic to these words ask yourself this question. Am I being all that I can be in the obedience of GODs Word to that which I’m aware of? If you are; do or saying something that you know is contrary to what the Word of GOD tells you than you are in disobedience. So don’t knock it if you refuse to try it.

Don’t worry about these things saying; “What will I eat or drink?” “What will I were?” These things dominate the thoughts of non-believers. Your heavenly FATHER already knows what you have need of. See the kingdom of GOD above all else and live righteously. HE will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:31-33

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