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The divine essence or nature applied to the true and living GOD. Right off the bat in the first chapter of John we are given a clear and concise description of GOD in the flesh. And yet the argument that GOD is One, JESUS is another and the Holy Spirit is, well people don’t exactly know what to make of the Holy Spirit is uncanny. To the believer, the misunderstanding that JESUS is not GOD but only the SON who is our Savior is a misrepresentation of being able to say that HE is known by you. Maybe this is why HE is not spoken of by you to those that you come in contact with. To the non-believer its sin that darkens their understanding from seeing and hearing the truth. However, myself, I find it difficult to write this blog without going back and forth throughout the scriptures to prove that JESUS is GOD. I will be using various scriptures to state my case along with the key scripture reference.

It is understood that JESUS is 100% GOD and 100% Man. In the flesh of JESUS lives the fullness of that GOD is. JESUS was completely able to express HIS divine nature of GOD. This was a great example for us to follow because we are 100% man and when our spirit has been awakened in CHRIST JESUS we become Godly in nature. So, just as JESUS was completely able to express HIS divine nature so should we.

From the beginning the Word was GOD. The Word was with GOD from the beginning. And GOD was the Word. JESUS is the SON of the living GOD and HE had come and given us the discernment to know who is genuine, those who are united with HIM, the MESSIAH, the true GOD and eternal life. JESUS has always been. JESUS created the heavens and the earth. I know already you want to discount HIM because you may be saying nope, GOD created. Well, check this out before you stop reading. JESUS made everything, no one truly is an inventor of anything it’s just that we are discovering what HE had placed here for us and how to use them. We can’t make anything without using anything of HIS. One of the reasons JESUS came to earth is so we can comprehend GOD with our natural senses to debunk our need for false gods and idol worship. HE is supreme over all creation which has been created by HIM for HIM. JESUS is the One who holds everything together despite what man may think because HE existed before everything. Within JESUS is life, it was then and it is now and that life is light for mankind. It is because of JESUS of where we spend our eternal life, we all have eternal life but where we spend eternal life is up to us. Even before JESUS came to earth it is written that there were saints who believed in HIM and saw HIM afar off. So, no one has an excuse. JESUS made a way of escape for everyone pre-crucifixion and post-crucifixion. In JESUS, we are complete. JESUS is an eternal Word but those in darkness can’t understand this. So many people make the mistake when reading the scripture regarding “let there be light”. This has nothing to do with the light in the sky as so many believe. This has to do with the light of JESUS who is the light of the world. Remember, the world was dark and void a veil of darkness and totally empty. JESUS then illuminated the world with HIS light, HIS glory. Mankind will be judged by the darkness in their heart, like roaches we scatter from the light because we love the dark because this gives us the freedom to work all our wickedness rather than doing so in the light to be openly seen.

JESUS is the true light of the world and that light is salvation to the ends of the world. GOD came into this very same world that we right now habitat and HE was not known or recognized by HIS creation. When GOD as JESUS walked among the Jews HIS own flesh nationality HE was not even welcomed. HE was met with hatred and those who were in authority most likely the Pharisees and Sadducees claiming that HE was there to rule them. All because JESUS used the word kingdom, HE never once said that HE was there to reign here nor did HE announce ever that HE is a King. We must be aware of how the enemy will use our words against us for use of deflection from his agenda. So many people are willing to receive GOD and that’s nice and all but we need to know the name of the God you speak of when you say just God. Unless I know you well I never leave it to chance, I always ask what the name of a person’s God is. Take notice that I’m only capitalizing the first letter because if you follow my writing you know that when I write I always use all capitals to denote the true and living GOD for me in my life. For me, God in this manner is a safe way of maybe. We need to know GOD’s name and believe in the name of GOD using HIS name with all authority because it’s HIS name that everything must obey. We became the sons of GOD not in our confession of GOD but in our confession of CHRIST JESUS, this is where our greatest faith lays. The will of mankind in the sense of sensuality has nothing to do with our birth in GOD. This will comes from GOD HIMself through CHRIST JESUS. This is what is called the born-again process, it has nothing to do with sinful blood, sperm or flesh but of pure washing of water which is the Holy Spirit, washing and regenerating our DNA in HIS sinless blood and faith in JESUS who is the Word who is GOD.

GOD became flesh believe this or not but it’s true and HIS name is JESUS. For nine months HE lived in HIS mother’s belly. And for another thirty-three years, HE lived right here on this earth that we now breathe air, live in, grow up, mature and die in. The glory that HE has was seen and HE is filled with all grace and truth. JESUS is the One and only who is begotten of the FATHER. The name of JESUS is the Word of GOD. Know the truth, so that the truth will make you free. JESUS is the way, JESUS is the truth, and JESUS is the life. And no one will come to GOD the FATHER except he comes through JESUS. Before I wrote that JESUS never proclaimed that HE is King and when Pilate asked that question of HIM, JESUS did not deny the fact. However, again HE did not come to reign here but to bear witness to the truth. And since the truth is HIMself, HE came to bear witness of HIMself. This is why it’s so very easy that everyone who is of the truth will hear the voice of JESUS who is their GODhead.   

Colossians 2:9, Jhn. 1:14


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