Cutting off the foreskin which covers the glans of males. In some countries, women are mutilated having been circumcised which is the removal of the clitoris.

Nearly forty years ago I gave birth to my first child who is a son. When we came home my mother noticed that I had not had him circumcised and asked me why. Now I was not ignorant as to what the Bible teaches in regards to circumcision but that something that I now know to be the Holy Spirit refused to have me circumcise my son. However, because he is my son and it was my decision not to have him circumcised the only reply that I could give to her at that time is that I do not want him circumcised and I am refusing to believe that making the choice to keep his foreskin in tack will cause him any health risk in the future. I took very good care of him and taught him as he began to wash his own body how to take care of himself hygienically as well. Now, for women who have had their sons circumcised do not take on guilt, in America, we do this because we have been taught that this is the proper thing to do and to have it done before being released from the hospital with our sons. We are taught that having this done to our sons will keep him from contracting germs and will be easier for him to keep clean. Basically, the reason that this is done is that we know that it’s in the Bible to do so, but we don’t think about the why biblically, we just know it’s the right thing to do. So, allow me to first share with you as to why circumcision was performed by the removal of the male’s foreskin and then I will show you how GOD circumcises males and females that belong to HIM.

Circumcision was a covenant, a sign worn outwardly on the male body [agreement of minds, mutual consent; contract; terms and agreement of the contract, a clause to an agreement; the works performed by mankind with conditions that must be obeyed to receive the promises of GOD which will entitle mankind to happiness only if they do this or that.] between GOD, Abram and his descendants. And, so it was that every male which included Abram had to be circumcised to show that they were in agreement with GOD and HIS commandments. But don’t you know that none of them were able to obey the commandments. Now, during Abraham’s lifetime, the Ten Commandments were not yet written neither were the Law of Moses. So, what was the covenant between GOD and Abram/Abraham?

  1. Multiply him exceedingly
  2. A father of many nations
  3. Abram was changed to Abraham
  4. Exceedingly fruitful
  5. Kings will come from him
  6. This is an everlasting covenant to be the GOD of Abraham and his descendants
  7. The land of Canaan is the everlasting possession of the land
  8. The sign of the covenant will be between GOD and Abraham which is circumcision of every male
  9. Any male child or man who is not circumcised is cut off from his people and from GOD
  10. The unborn child Isaac the covenant was established through him and his descendants
  11. The covenant was not established with Ishmael and his descendants

Now from the time that Abraham received the covenant from the Almighty GOD down to the death of JESUS CHRIST Jewish men were circumcised however I’m certain that throughout the generations they forgot as to why they must circumcise the males on the eighth day of life just as today we truly do not know why males are to be circumcised. And it’s easy to know why the actual reason for circumcision was forgotten and that is because of the increase in the action of sin, the Law of Moses which are ceremonial and the Ten Commandments which no one can keep. The Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s continue to pile on laws that were too burdensome to bear. John and Jesus also were circumcised according to the covenant given to Abraham. Now JESUS was born under the Law of Moses as well as the Ten Commandments but during HIS time on earth not only did HE obey each Commandment perfectly HE also obeyed the ceremonial laws that were written by Moses. The difference, however, is that JESUS showed us through HIS teaching just how we can obey the Ten Commandments as well as some of the Laws of Moses. The Ten Commandments and the Laws of Moses are perfect but they leave no room for grace without our having to work for it. Whereas the death, burial, and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS demonstrate grace in action and the end of the Laws of Moses entirely. The Ten Commandments were not done away with and were not written for us to memorize, this is why the majority of people cannot do so. However, those commandments are to be a part of our nature through the belief in CHRIST JESUS and the obedience of HIS Word. CHRIST JESUS left one commandment for us to obey and that is to love one another as CHRIST JESUS loves us, doing this everything in the Ten Commandments will be done and the Law of Moses is fulfilled within us. Now, back to circumcision, today because the Laws of Moses have been null and void as to performance our circumcision covenant which is everlasting is no longer done outwardly just on males but is done inwardly in males and females alike.

The conflict of circumcision must not be that based on what is written in the Old Testament because circumcision is no longer a required custom. If you are a believer and have or have not been circumcised know this, circumcision is not to be done solely on the basis of keeping the Laws of Moses. GOD who knows our heart meaning knows who actually belongs to HIM and who does not, will circumcise the heart of the believer and it does not matter whether or not we are of natural Jewish blood or natural Gentile (non-Jewish) blood. [Have your DNA tested if only for fun you may find a surprise you never knew about as I did, I have natural Jewish blood coursing through my veins as well as spiritual Jewish blood that I received from CHRIST JESUS]. The believer in CHRIST JESUS has had the heart of stone removed and given a heart of flesh which is purified by faith. Believers and non-believers do not allow anyone to trouble/persuade you to circumcise your sons without providing a sound biblical answer from GOD HIMself. Outward circumcision is not a commandment for us to do with human effort. Timothy the son of a Jewish mother and a Greek father [Greeks; The Hellenists: The Jews who were forced to adopt the Greek culture and language after the Jewish revolt led by Antichus Epiphinus, conquered the land of Israel and forced the Jews to leave their national heritage and the Torah and begin following the Greek culture] was circumcised. Now, the only conclusion that I was able to come up with as to why Paul circumcised Timothy is because he was a Jewish-Greek and in order for him to be received by the other Jewish-Greeks it was necessary for him to look like them outwardly. In 1 Cor. 9:20 it reads, to the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might win Jews; to those who are under the law, as under the law, that I might win those who are under the law. And in Gal. 2:3, yet, not even Titus who was with me, being a Greek, [Jewish-Greek] was compelled to be circumcised. It is wonderful to know freedom and not allow pressure from others to sway us to conform. I know with assurance that Paul made a mistake having Timothy circumcised but even in doing this they were able to bring many souls into the kingdom of GOD so the tool of circumcision worked to his advantage. Even today, Christians are being persecuted for sharing and teaching grace rather than the law. We are to share the complete truth about grace and not mix grace with the law because they blend together as oil and water. Paul shared the grace of GOD with many Jews and have come to believe in CHRIST JESUS but for many, it was difficult for them to come away from the laws and tradition we must live and walk in the total freedom of grace and circumcision is no longer required outwardly. The Almighty GOD is the GOD of believers who have been circumcised by faith and believers who are uncircumcised through faith. Because we are in the faith of CHRIST JESUS it does not mean that the law is null and void it just means that the law has been completely established within us through faith.

Recall to your remembrance or learn that Abraham was a righteous man before GOD when there was no Ten Commandments or Law of Moses for him to break. And his circumcision was performed after the Almighty GOD spoke to him about the covenant of promise from the Almighty GOD to him. The circumcision was an outward seal for the righteousness of faith that he believed in CHRIST JESUS and his being uncircumcised is proof that circumcision is not what makes one righteous before GOD because Abraham was counted righteous before he was circumcised. This is what we must remember that if male it is not a requirement to have your foreskin removed as proof that you believe in the promises given to you in CHRIST JESUS.

Live your life as you were called to live because if you heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling you to come to CHRIST JESUS and you obey your heart will be circumcised and this is where it counts not outwardly. And if you who are circumcised and you hear the voice to the Holy Spirit calling you to know that you have the same promise as the one who is uncircumcised and yes your heart will be circumcised as well. Being circumcised or not outwardly is nothing in the sight of GOD but when we obey to live and walk in the freedom of CHRIST JESUS in HIS commandments that’s everything to GOD.

Whether outwardly circumcised or not be encouraged because we are all being knitted together in love to learn and receive the riches and full understanding that is the knowledge of GOD from both our FATHER and CHRIST our MESSIAH this is where we receive our knowledge and wisdom. Because we have received CHRIST our LORD we are to walk in HIM, we are to be rooted and built up in HIM and established in the faith of CHRIST JESUS. Do not allow stupid conversations or literature. These things are not of CHRIST JESUS because they are speaking from worldly basic principles. Know this beloved we are complete in HIM and in HIM lives the total fullness of HIS GODhead within HIS body, CHRIST JESUS is the head of all principality and power. In CHRIST JESUS we are circumcised not by works but by the circumcision of the heart in CHRIST.

Be secure in the liberty given to us in the procedure that CHRIST made us free indeed. Don’t allow yourself to be shackled again in the bondage of sin or in the traditions of this world. If any male receives an outward circumcision because of religion and the Law of Moses you will be required to live by the Law of Moses fully. You have allowed yourself to be a stranger, you have placed yourself to be at a distance from CHRIST, you have withdrawn yourself and have stopped being frequently familiar with the presence of CHRIST the Savior. You have alienated yourself to apply a purpose foreign from the liberty in CHRIST JESUS. And, you have alienated yourself from the kindness affection that we all receive in CHRIST JESUS. Because you are being taught to live by the Law of Moses you have fallen from grace which is the Truth of CHRIST JESUS. Remove yourself from worldly religion those that teach oil and water gospels and return yourself to the solid foundation of the Good News in CHRIST JESUS.

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