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Most everyone we meet is familiar with Psalms 23, unfortunately, most everyone we meet is unfamiliar with the depths of its meaning. Today I only want to take a brief moment and write about the goodness.

Goodness is excellence, perfection, and virtue. It’s an action of character and integrity of an individual. It describes who the person is. In the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, JESUS asked the question “why do you call ME good? No one is good but ONE, that is GOD”. It wasn’t that the rich young ruler was in error of calling JESUS good and it wasn’t that he was in error of calling JESUS teacher. The problem was that the rich ruler saw JESUS only as a teacher and not GOD who is good. JESUS still had HIS Holy Spirit within HIM while HE was here on earth and as born again CHRISTians we are taught that we are to live our lives in the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is found in Gal. 5:22. This is how we are to conduct our life morally which constitutes the qualities of excellence. After all, we are the children of the living GOD are we not?

I believe this with all my heart and I said this in the delivery room when my grandson was birthed. Goodness and mercy thank you for being here with my grandchild and following him all the remainder of his life as promised. You see goodness and mercy is a package deal, I call them the wonder twins. Remember goodness provides us with our moral conduct from the Holy Spirit and mercy is GOD’s grace and favor. Though I know my grandchild is born in sin and I began to pray for his salvation right then and there. I acknowledged that goodness and mercy were already present there with him. While we are yet in our sin goodness and mercy is with us. It’s not our goodness but GOD’s goodness towards us, it’s not that our heart is toward HIM but that HIS heart is toward us. And sin has us so blind that we are not capable of being merciful towards our own being but GOD is. With each sinful act, we live to see another day, another chance in the hope that we make the choice to choose JESUS as our personal Savior and LORD.

GOD’s love for us is unfailing, some of us have experienced our parents love failing towards us along with everyone else’s. But the love that we get from GOD is never failing and it will pursue us throughout all of our days.

As born again children of GOD through CHRIST JESUS we come from good stock. We are illustrious and of nobility. And this is the house that we live in forever with the LORD.

Psalms 23:6


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