Grace gives

2 Corinthians 7

Our promise is evident; our LORD GOD, our FATHER does live within each and everyone of us who has a relationship with HIM and HIS SON; the LORD JESUS. How many of us have looked at the promise this way?  John 14:10-11; the FATHER is in JESUS and JESUS is in the FATHER; which means to me that because the FATHER is in JESUS and JESUS is in the FATHER that the FATHER is also in me and so is JESUS and I too am in the FATHER and JESUS because THEY are in me. It’s a mouth full but it’s an agreement with a promise that our FATHER has given to us (2 Cor. 6:16-18). In other words, you can’t have one without the other. Either life lives within us as is radiated outwardly or death lives within us and is radiated outwardly. You can’t have one without the other and we must choose which one we will allow to live within us. Our choice will be made evident in our character, faith and integrity; we must make the choice to purify ourselves through the unchangeable Word of our LORD JESUS; to become complete in our holiness out of respect for our heavenly FATHER. We have to make room in our heart for our FATHER; our LORD and Savior and the Word of truth. The moment we accept the Savior JESUS into our hearts through our believing and faith in HIM; the Holy Spirit begins to teach us to no longer wrong others; to no longer be corrupt or to exploit one another. These are the things we did in our old but now being a new creation those things are let go. We now live to encourage one another and in spite of all the trials and tribulations we face; we are overflowing in joy. Happiness is based on the day to day circumstances of life but joy is based on the gift given from the Holy Spirit and it does not matter what we experience in life because we still have joy. Sometimes we push through regardless of our bodies going on for awhile without the proper rest; we face various troubles but our GOD who is LORD over all encourages us. Recently I was out of character and situations that I have been witness to for nearly four months had gotten the better of me. I prayed; I chatted with my DAD; I prayed; I believe; I know that it’s a necessity what must come but none the less my flesh got the better of me. Sure my point was made but I placed myself in a place I don’t like; as a matter of fact I have grown to hate what the emotion of anger does to me. Now I am refreshed; now I am turned back to my FATHER; I got to see for myself that even in unrighteous anger which has shown me that I must lean on my DADDY; I must lean on my LORD JESUS; I was led back to THEM. Anger is an emotion that we all have but for some of us anger can be overwhelming. The last time anger had gotten the better of me was ten years ago and I still hate how I allow the wrong type of anger to turn me away from my DADDY and my Savior. I was stricken with sever back pain that kept me in my bed crying. Once I turned my face back to my DADDY and my Savior the pain began to ease up due to my speaking with THEM; letting my DAD know that I knew that I was not in the place that HE desires for me to be. There was a better way in which I could have made myself clear and that way is the way my DAD would have dealt with it had I given it to HIM to deal with. When we remove JESUS from our problems and handle situations on our own we are playing with death. Remember, sin produces death and what I want to produce at all times is life. The only way to produce life is to allow my LORD GOD to fix my problems. I became earnest and eager to clear myself through my LORD JESUS from the indignation of my wrong and a zeal to make things right again in the eyes of my DADDY and my Savior. After all my LORD JESUS did not save me just the once; HE saves me daily; I desire to be saved from myself all day; everyday. Know that if in our wrong we don’t return to our LORD GOD quickly we are only endangering ourselves and those who fall victim to our flesh. I remember that I am a tri-part being; spirit, soul and body. My spirit is alive and awake to my LORD and my Savior JESUS and I choose to obey HIM as I learn and grow up in HIS Word daily. My soul is my emotions and I choose to line my emotions up according to the Word of my LORD GOD who is my DADDY. My body is my flesh who I owe nothing more than to feed it nutritional food, cloth it and keep it clean. My flesh and my soul must follow my spirit not the wrong way round. My spirit is an ever ready student of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Wisdom. I can’t live or survive without them. How about you; are you willing to know and see yourself outside of the FATHER’s will for your life? It is here that we realize that aside from HIM we are back in our old filth again. We compete for perfection and our competition is self –vs- the LORD JESUS. In JESUS; I am perfect in holiness outside of JESUS; I am imperfect and unholy.

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