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August 31, 2020

The Holy Spirit is our Teacher-1 Corinthians 2:13

The people who are uninstructed, unlearned, have not been taught, ignorant of letters that form words that cause them to be unable to read they are illiterate. When in this state of not possessing the knowledge to know who you are, what you can be, and how this world operates according to the instructions that we must all adhere to it is sad. Every human has a right to be taught basic literacy and every human should have the desire to grow to obtain more knowledge through books, classes, seminars, and speaking with people who have obtained goals that you desire to obtain. No human should be lacking in literacy just as no human should be lacking in the wisdom that the Holy Spirit imparts to those He lives in.

Each child of the Most-High GOD should possess natural knowledge which is earthly wisdom but the better wisdom which comes from the Holy Spirit so that when we speak, it will not only be from the natural wisdom that we possess but from the most excellent wisdom that we possess from the Holy Spirit. Earthly books that teach well are fantastic, earthly teachers that teach well are fantastic, seminars that can add to our knowledge is fantastic, and speaking with people who have successfully obtained the goals that you too will like to obtain is fantastic. But nothing and no one can outdo the teachings of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit is a quick reminder and will always inform us as to what we are to speak in the lives of others. His words are always on time and correct for every season of life.

The Holy Spirit is not the person or a feeling who causes us to be ignorant in actions or words. The Holy Spirit is not the person who causes us to be over-emotional and disrespectful towards others. The Holy Spirit will never embarrass you. There is nothing at all that we do or say that does not line up with GOD’s Holy Word that we should be attributing to the actions and sayings that the Holy Spirit. What we do or say that is not in agreement with the Holy Spirit is from our natural earthly self. However, who the Holy Spirit is, is broken down in this manner so that you will not get it twisted from this day forward.

  • Advocate-an advocator of peace to the oppressed, a vindicator, friendly, the plaintiff [the Holy Spirit] defends and discusses by reason the claim of the defendants [the children of the Most-High GOD] to the KING/GOD the ONE who has the power to determine the accusations of the prosecutor/satan.
  • Comforter-administers comfort and consolation, strengthen and supports the mind [our emotions] when we are in danger or distress, the teacher of All things.
  • Counselor-advisor.
  • Helper-aid, an assistant, exceeding what is necessary, furnishing the required remedy; [ie, compassion often conquers evil], supplier.
  • Intercessor-our mediator who stands in the middle imposes with the view to reconciling.
  • Reminder-brings to consideration and notice, putting to the mind/thought the cause to remember All of what JESUS the CHRIST has said.
  • Standby- a favorite choice for resources, anchor, always ready for use, He is relied on, our mainstay, our support, and our pillar.
  • Strengthener-He increases our strength morally and physically with the energy of our vital powers.
  • Teacher-instructor, preceptor, tutor, He teaches us in All things.

We no longer have an excuse as to why we are illiterate to the teachings of the Holy Spirit and who He is to us.


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