Grow Up

Hebrews 6

If it takes 18-21 years for us to be recognized as adults, grownups or mature (accountable). Why is it that there are so many sitting in the church pews still suckling? There are times in our walk with JESUS that we are being fed pure sincere milk only. This is when we first come to JESUS. However, there are so many in the body of CHRIST who are still drinking and not chewing. These people have been born again CHRISTians for years. We are told to go on to maturity/perfection in the acknowledgment of JESUS and who we are and how we are to think, see, hear, speak and be. We are to go on to become perfect it does not mean that we will be perfect; at least not as long as we are on this side of heaven. But it is each of our responsibility to strive for perfection. We strive for anything else we desire to do. The scene has been set by you to consistently repent for something and most of us don’t mean it. Because we return to doing or saying what we half heartedly repented of. It’s our religion that causes us to say “I repent.” Why go to GOD and repent about your saying something negative about the color of another’s skin if you are going to do it again? Why are you so willing to throw every person who is of a certain ethnicity under the bus; just because one person or a small group of people decided to be ignorant? Why say you repent when what you are doing is what you want to do? We need to evaluate who we are by our thoughts, conduct, words and deeds. We need to stop holding people responsible for crimes committed and truly walk in forgiveness. What if JESUS held us accountable for all the crimes committed against HIM? Where would we be? Most of what goes on in the church is witchcraft because there is so much rebellion in the house. Our works are dead. And yet, we are ready to give the flippant “I repent.” Understand this; once any of us has partaken of GOD’s gift of grace and mercy and have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us. It becomes more and more impossible for us to willing do what it is that we want to do. It begins to break our hearts to have a character that does not glorify CHRIST JESUS. We begin to desire to have what is not like JESUS be evicted and have the Holy Spirit furnish that empty area with His presence and the Word of GOD who is JESUS. We will want JESUS to have complete and total reign of every area of our being and our life. So many of us can chant aloud “GOD is good all the time and all the time GOD is good.” Without really understanding HIS goodness; because if we did we would be hot to speak about what JESUS has done for us in our life. We would be sharing the Good News with anyone willing to listen. We would exhibit a lifestyle that would cause others to come and ask why we are the way we are. And we would recognize the difference between having JESUS as our Savior versus having CHRIST JESUS as our LORD and Savior. When we can get to that place where we allow JESUS to be our LORD and our Savior we will no longer fall away willingly. We will no longer renew repentance which only crucifies JESUS over and over again for our own gratification. Unknowingly putting JESUS to an open shame again and again. It is time that we are confident in all things which concern us and our DADDY. Know that there is so much more to salvation than being saved from death, hell and sin. We don’t have a GOD who is unjust towards HIS kids. If he were unjust towards HIS kids; that would mean HE would be no better than some of the earthly fathers who are considered sperm donors because they have no idea and refuse the responsibility of being a daddy. We have so many wonderful people in the bible that we can imitate; JESUS being number one. And we also have many wonderful people living on the earth now who we can imitate because they live a life of faith; they have get on your nerves patience because they are secure in knowing that whatever the circumstance or outcome; they are in the position of inheriting all the promises. It is our DADDY’s desire to consistently bless us with multiple blessing; so much so that we really don’t have the room to store them. This is why I believe HE gives to us as we need them. Because HE does not want us to hoard our blessings but disperse them as HE disperses them to us. We have to learn how to properly endure all things regardless of how things look or feel. Are we going to trust what we see or how we feel? Or, are we going to trust in JESUS? Look, it is impossible for GOD to lie; what I got from reading the creation story found in Genesis 1 the first time I read it was this. No matter what GOD says; it must be. HE said “let there be light or light be” and before the day came to a close there was light and the light has been shining ever since. Hold on to that hope that has been given to us through CHRIST JESUS. Never allow anyone to take your hope from you. Never lay down your hope. Our hope is the gift found in JESUS alone.


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