Balance, Grace, and Strength


It takes time to become a leader of strength. A leader in our schools, home, and workplace.  Those of us who have been placed into leadership responsibilities were done so based on knowledge and maybe as well skills. All leaders must face difficult challenges, it is apart of the responsibility we have taken on. Such as unpleasant conversations, decisions, rebuking and taking the responsibility for failures. That task must not be our normal but something that we must do when need be. Our norm should be to offer praise to our team (family, school-mates, and co-workers) often, this will be their encouragement.

When we choose a hero who has exhibited great leadership it should be one who has balanced his or her strength with grace and mercy. Our leadership skills must be that of mentor not dictator and this is done in the form of first shaping our own character and our own integrity in supporting others when needed. Be a help to others in our team, help those within our team to rise to the top and not settle or do just enough. For those of us who are children of the KING magnify the CHRIST within through how we live our lives and how we show others what compassion is through grace and mercy.

Learn to be a leader that knows how to show his or her assertion of influence rather than cause people to be repelled by us. After all, it was GOD that has placed us in authoritative leadership roles and we must do all to bring glory to HIM rather than ourselves.

Understand that it is okay to agree to disagree, however, the decision that we think best must be the decision that we are willing to own up to. Communicate clearly as to why we disagree, however, should we step out on faith to do what we consider to be the best way of doing anything or instructing our team to carry out our decision. Do not place the blame on anyone else except ourselves. Keep in mind that it was GOD who has placed us in the authoritative leadership role, not the authoritative dictatorship role.

Always, be approachable, compassionate, friendly, and kind. Keep the doors of communication open and be clear about what it is that we want to relate to others in what we show to others by the example of our actions because that is our character, our body language as well as verbally. I find myself reminding others that people learn from what they see more than what they hear. So, if what they hear does not line up with what they see we have failed. Leaders who know how to lead well will have teams that will follow well. Teams look up to leaders who know how to not only carry themselves with integrity but will influence their team members to become one of integrity as well. When a team member fails the leader fails and when this happens, be sure to carefully research as to why you as the leader failed which caused the team member to fail. After carefully doing our research begin a dialogue with that team member or team members listen to why our team failed. If it truly is not the leaders’ fault be sure to speak with the team member or team regarding the decision to go against what was communicated. If a correction is required do so gracefully and mercifully. Our role as a leader is to continually build a home of trust within our team.

And finally, always magnify the LORD JESUS in the home, with school-mates if possible before class or during the lunch break, with co-workers before the beginning of our shift, during those fifteen-minute breaks or during the lunch break offer praise, worship, and prayer.

Acts 15:37-38 I really like this scripture because any scripture that will encourage us even when we fail should drive us towards becoming a person of grace and mercy.

  • Regarding Barnabas: Luke spoke of him as being a good man. He was known to be one of the prophets and teachers in the church of Antioch. As a leader, he led with dignity and strength. He was a man known to be full and led by the Holy Spirit. Barnabas is written about in three books Acts, 1 Cor., and Gal. It was Barnabas that went in search of Saul at Tarsus being led by the Holy Spirit knowing that Saul had become converted. He befriended Paul after witnessing his conversion through CHRIST JESUS which also provided Saul with a new name and took him to the apostles. Paul remained and worked with Barnabas for one year. This is due to the fact that this was the beginning of Paul being in disagreement with Barnabas and Peter regarding gentiles. Barnabas and Peter shrank back from the gentiles pretending that they wanted nothing to do with them in the hopes that those who worked closely with James would not find out that they enjoyed the company of the gentiles. Paul made it very clear that we are to live in the freedom of the finished works of CHRIST and not expect anyone to live in bondage when we ourselves find it difficult to perfect according to the laws of Moses. No one is to deny anyone from knowing CHRIST and HIS finished works. And no one is to deny the friendships that they have with non-believers. The final disagreement recorded between Barnabas and Paul was when Mark, it is not written as to why and we should not speculate. When Mark returned, Barnabas did not want Mark to accompany himself and Paul on their missionary journey. This caused the breakup of a team that GOD had put together but because there was still a wee bit of Saul left within Paul, he did not exercise compassion, grace or mercy in this situation. We will not understand all that GOD is doing in the lives of others, we really do not understand all that HE is doing in our lives. But take this as needed information, do not allow a  misunderstanding to break up what GOD has instructed us to do as a team. We will accomplish greater as the team GOD puts together all though without being apart of the team GOD will still anoint and bless us to do well.  
  • John Mark is the nephew of Barnabas. We know him better as simply Mark. Mark is the one that wrote the book of Mark and is an evangelist. Mark is the one that Paul had a problem with having him accompany Barnabas and himself on another missionary journey. This evangelist was actually the minister to Barnabas and Paul. However, it is made evidently clear that Mark the apostle and Paul the apostle reconciled and we see him with Paul when Paul was first imprisoned. We can find Mark with Peter and Timothy as well. Mark held one of the chief seats of Jewish learning.

Psalms 78:72 In this scripture, again we are encouraged because we see David who was chosen by GOD to come out from the sheepfolds to be a Shepherd/a Servant to HIS/JESUS people Jacob and Israel HIS/JESUS inheritance. David did so being led by the integrity of his own heart [entire and unimpaired state of the mind, moral soundness, pure, incorrupt, upright, honest]. David operated himself through unselfish devotion through his leadership and used the skills of his hands to be of help.

Unlike JESUS unless we are led by the Holy Spirit to do so, it would be better if we would not begin with Moses to show others the CHRIST. JESUS, when HE spoke to Cleopas, expounded fully in that manner by opening up the scriptures but when JESUS dined with Cleopas and others, they did not see JESUS until after they dipped their bread and in the twinkle of the eye JESUS disappeared. There was no argument of debate and in like manner, we too must not argue our position, instead try to reason and if what we share with others is disagreeable it is perfectly okay to leave a situation as it was in the original.

Acts 8:34-35 In the book of Isaiah, the CHRIST can be seen very clearly among HIS children but difficult to find as with all the other books with the exception of the gospels by those who still have scales on their eyes. As Philip did we should be able to reveal the CHRIST to anyone who asks the questions that come from the scriptures? Better yet, when people see us and hear us speak, in other words just being ourselves, does our life prompt people to wonder why we are not like so many others? Does our life attract people to want to know why or what makes us so very different? When at work, not that you broadcast to those around us, but are they aware that you have chosen to listen to the Word of GOD softly playing on a radio in your office, at your desk or station or when you are on a break? At home do we set aside some quiet time to study the scriptures? If so, then we should be able to share with those who question us about the Bible, or about GOD/JESUS by showing what the Glad Tidings, the Good News, the Finished Works about CHRIST JESUS tell us. If anyone disagrees, it is okay for them to not accept what we have clearly shared with them. We should never be disagreeable or pushy because those that we share JESUS with have not repented (changed their mindset) and received the free gift of salvation for them. Do not feel bad as though you could have done more, you did your best, you hopefully answered their questions, now it is up to JESUS to continue with having that person question himself within, possibly place another individual in his/her path. Know that seeds have been planted and GOD will get the increase.  

 Acts 12:12, 25, 13:13, 17:2, 18:28; Col. 4:10; 2 Tim. 4:11; Philem. 24; 1 Ki. 9:4; Lk. 24:27


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