Guilty of sin

Romans 3

Before JESUS found me thirty-four years ago; I was guilty of sin. I was not righteous in the eyes of my CREATOR GOD. I did not understand anything about the Highest GOD. JESUS was on the cross every Easter and in the manger every CHRISTmas. I never once thought about GOD or JESUS and this is because I was turned from HIM due to my sinful nature; I was born this way and so were you. I was useless not in the sense of having an ability to do task and do them well but useless in sharing my faith in CHRIST JESUS with others because I had no faith to share. We are proned only to show kindness to those who will show kindness to us or to those that we like. We witness people on the streets everyday and it’s strange to us if another person smiles at us if they are not of the opposite sex or strike up a casual conversation. We don’t ever just say “Hi” to a passerby. Now I know that in some countries or states in America this may not be true but it’s very true in the cities. As I was growing up; I remember when people just smiled and said hello to one another. I remember when neighbors looked after another child while the kids were out playing in the yard or park. I remember when drivers drove down your street and they just waved and you waved back. In doing some of those things I don’t remember anyone ever saying “who was that, do I or we know that person”. With each and every generation sin is making people colder, harsher, brazen, and disrespectful of self and others and so on. For anyone who is not blood washed in JESUS you are under the law and guilty before GOD. Your flesh is not justified in GOD’s sight because of the deeds of the law. When you study the law you will see that the law shows us our sins and that the law will not demonstrate to us how to stop breaking the law. This is why JESUS is so very vital; HE knows that it is impossible for mankind to live holy and righteous on his own merits. HE knows that we stand in need of HIM. To know the righteousness of GOD apart from the law we must see JESUS in the law. How do we see JESUS in the law? Again, we must see that what is written in the Law of Moses could not be kept by mankind and because it could not be kept it is revealed that we are law breakers. The Prophets also reveal the righteous of GOD and we see JESUS in their books. Now it must be made clear to you as it was made clear to me that the righteousness of GOD is my faith in CHRIST JESUS. You must accept and believe in JESUS the CHRIST. JESUS is not the Savior of any particular race or nation; JESUS is the Savior of the world, all mankind. All mankind which includes me have sinned and fall short of GOD’s glory. Now I am justified freely as many of you readers are and hopefully the readers who are not saved will be today after reading this blog. GOD’s grace is through the redemption of HIS beloved SON, CHRIST JESUS. The LORD GOD gave HIS SON as a propitiation/ransom (in other words JESUS is the mercy seat). Remember how the high priest would sprinkle the blood on the mercy seat? Well, JESUS was drained of HIS precious blood on the cross which washed away our sins. It did not cover up our sins; HIS blood removed our sins through faith to demonstrate to us HIS righteousness. Did anyone notice that GOD operates in faith? Well HE does and because HE operates in faith we must operate in faith also. Remember this, how Moses placed blood on the door post of the home and all who were in there were saved from the judgment of death. Nothing has changed today, GOD must see the blood of HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS on us which saves us from the judgment of death. The blood of JESUS does not wash off of us; HIS blood remains on us so not only are our past sins forgiven but our present and future sins are forgiven. However, knowing this does not give us a right to live hap hazardly in the daily practice of sin. No, there are times when we will sin unwarily or by mistake and sometimes we allow fear to get the better of us. GOD knew this and this is why our salvation is secure we don’t have a need to ask for salvation over and over again; we don’t have a need to repent over and over again. JESUS going to the cross one time was enough and was a done deal; this is why HE said it is finished because HE completed to the full everything HE came to do and we are no longer in bondage to anyone or anything. GOD demonstrates to us that HIS righteousness is just and that HE is the justifier of anyone who will believe in HIS SON, JESUS. Here is a check list to find out where or who you are in CHRIST JESUS.

a) Is your throat an open grave, do you lie, do you speak with deception, do you speak discouragement?

b) Do you speak continuous profanity, do you kill the hopes and dreams of others because you don’t see or understand what they want to do in life; do you speak hate; do you speak disrespectfully of others?

c)  Are you always running towards trouble or eager to hurt or kill another and there is bloodshed?

d) Because you are miserable do you destroy things that are in your path be it through conversation or deed?

e)   Do you know or understand what true peace from GOD is?

f)   Do you know who GOD is, do you respect GOD, and do you use the word “damn” after the name of GOD or a word that sounds close enough to that, that others think that, that is what they heard?


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