Matthew 7

When we condemn others; we set ourselves up to be condemned for our short comings as well. We must remain on alert at all times; just because we have not done a certain thing for awhile does not mean that we no longer have the ability to fall into that thing. As well be careful that whatever we condemn another for that we don’t repeat the similar act; often times when we condemn another for something; we will perform the same act and then we will want to justify why we either did or said a thing. There are twenty-four hours in a day; of that time that we spend awake we need to work on our character, our integrity. When we work on ourselves; striving to develop our life into the image of the Living GOD through HIS Word and relationship with HIM. We will not have the time to notice the short comings of others. Just because a person is a member of our natural or spiritual family; our best friend or a partner. Does not mean that we should divulge all that The LORD GOD is doing in our lives. Unfortunately, we must also be careful by relying on the Holy Spirit and often asking Wisdom to guide us as we discern the clergy. Clergy are people with faults just as anyone else; the difference is that clergy have been set apart and anointed by The LORD GOD to operate in the office in which GOD alone places a person in. I have met so many clergy who are very competitive with other clergy and members of the body of CHRIST. We may turn to best friends, clergy, family and partners to share but it’s not promised that they will desire what you have shared to come to past or understand this desire that is now in your heart that is causing us to be so excited. Someone just recently shared with me that a member of clergy who is married was informed by their spouse of GOD’s decision to pastor at a church. This request came to this husband twice before over the years and his wife was not on board the previous times either. The husband promised GOD that if HE ever told him to pastor again; he would go regardless of the outcome with his wife. His pearls are to become a pastor and he is overjoyed with what GOD is doing in his life. His wife is trampling over what GOD desires for her husband just as a pig would and now she is miserable. For the most part her decisions to fight GOD on this is because she does not want to leave her environment; those she know and the traditions that she is very steeped in. The LORD GOD will always want to provide HIS children with the very best and HE usually will go beyond what we ask for. But the key to getting what we want is to ask. It’s true that GOD knows everything about us before we know. But just because HE already knows what it is we want does not mean that HE will give it to us if we do not ask. Let me share with you what JESUS said about ask, seek and knock; this will wow you. Ask GOD for whatever it is that you want no matter how large or small you believe it to be. Ask in faith that you will get it from HIM. Make sure that what we ask for lines up with HIS Word. If you are a dope fend; don’t ask GOD to help you to get more drugs. It will never happen because what you are doing is committing slow suicide and we were asked not to murder; also we are GOD’s temple, so why would HE help us to destroy HIS house. Last but not least we are created in HIS image so it stands to reason that GOD has no intention on hurting anything that reminds HIM of who HE is. Seeking out the best of what The LORD GOD has to offer is a hoot. We must search HIS Word for our desires to ensure us that what we want; HE will actually see to it that we get. There is nothing in this world that is not already covered in GOD’s Word. Knocking does not always mean that we rap once then walk away. Sometimes we have to rap on a door a few times before we get an answer. We must consistently repeat our request to GOD with assurance that what we want HE has and will provide. When we rap on a door to a home or office we do so in most cases knowing that someone is on the other side of the door with the answer. The answer to letting you in or to tell you that who you desire to see is not in. GOD on the other hand is always available but he loves getting HIS jollies with being reminded of what HE has promised us and that we stand sure footed as to what we can have. Don’t understand what I just explained. As parents we know that our children love us and our children know that we love them. But don’t we get our jollies when we hear our kids tell us that they love us as well don’t they get excited when we tell them that we love them? Knowing is not enough we must put action to what we know; in our loving our children we provide for them and teach them. GOD does the same; HE will provide for us and teach us how to rely solely on HIM. This is the art of asking, seeking and knocking. It was good enough for JESUS why not us. We are accustomed to saying “do unto others as you want to have done to you”. The actual verse that this was taken from is found in verse twelve; we don’t quote it accurately but the meaning is the same. The closer in age that I was becoming an adult; I realized that it’s not so much as to what a person says but what a person does that makes the difference. I have never been a follower. As a matter of fact because I have always danced to the beat of a different drummer; I have stayed out of a lot of trouble because I have always been able to see the outcome of what following others has done. I was asked a few years ago why is it that I have never tried drugs or drank excessively. My answer was simple; I have two eyes that I use and I can see what drugs and alcohol will do to people when they have lost control. Why would I want to try drugs when I have heard that most people when they try drugs for the first time have said what most people have said? “I will not get hooked the first time”.  Another reason I have not used drugs is because there are some who escaped getting hooked the first time and because of this; they believe that they can use drugs and not fall into addiction as others. How wrong they were. Alcohol use for some is addictive the first time out. Because I grew up in a time when babies were given beer due to ignorance on the part of the adults; I thank GOD that I did not become an alcoholic. Also I have seen what alcohol does to people, it removes mothers from their children, you lose your employment, you make bad decisions and you sleep on the streets. When I was a kid we used to call drunks winos; I have stepped over enough of them to know this is not where I wanted to be. So I said all of this to say this; followers will follow the crowds and the streets are wide and inviting to come; there is never an overcrowding problem. For those of us who lead however, the streets where few travel can be lonely, we may not see another for miles, days or weeks but being a leader is worth it. We have to be very careful of anyone (including myself for those of you who enjoy these blogs) that is misleading us into false teachings. GOD’s Word is true; we don’t need to alter anything to accomplish anything. When we study HIS Word, chat with our DADDY; ask the Holy Spirit and Wisdom to lead us daily. Then we are more apt to recognize when someone is telling us erroneous information either by mistake or just flat out lying because of their motives to sway us away from The LORD GOD to themselves. Read about some false ministers of the 1900’s and during this young millennium that we now live in who have proven to have destructive consequences to themselves and others who followed them instead of GOD’s never changing Word. An apple tree will never grow an orange; a grapevine will never produce olives. Seeds bare the same image time and time again. The seed of man produces the image of another man (male or female); seeds of dogs produces other dogs. The seed of The LORD GOD produces CHRISTians who consistently look for ways to please GOD by the instructions of HIS Word; through CHRIST JESUS; being taught by the Holy Spirit who will only speak about JESUS and Wisdom who will only help us to make the correct decisions which will give GOD glory. Anytime anyone instructs us to go against The LORD GOD in any shape, form or fashion; we are to get out of there with urgency. The life seed produces life and the death seed produces death. If you desire to be wise follow Wisdom; she will never steer us wrong. If we desire to be wise in our own efforts continue to listen to yourself and others who are going in the wrong directions; you’ll get the outcome you did not expect.

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