Healing – Isaiah 58:7-8


Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when you see the naked, that you cover him, and not hide yourself from your own flesh? Then your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.

Each and every human is a direct descendant of Adam and Eve. We are kindred regardless of our accepting JESUS or not. Now that we know this bit of information; what does this have to do with healing? Well, take a look at some things. When a person is critically ill and requires an organ from another person why is it that some people will receive an organ from a total stranger; miles, states or countries apart? It’s because we are all related. And what a stranger has can be more acceptable than what your very own mother, father or siblings have. Genetic compatibility is essential life. This is why when we come to JESUS; we are changed internally. We receive a new heart and new blood. We have gone through an organ transplant without the use of hospital or surgeons. We have gone through blood transfusion without the use of hours being plugged into a machine as our blood is replaced with that from another. CHRIST JESUS steps in and cleanses us internally; delivers us and heals us all without the trauma of surgery. Though we are still original descendants of Adam and Eve we are now adopted into the body of CHRIST with all the rights and privileges as if we were naturally born into a family. When we walk in a state of rejection of CHRIST JESUS our family are all those who still walk in the same state as you do. When we have accepted CHRIST JESUS as our personal Savior the same applies to us our brothers and sisters are those that have JESUS living on the inside of them just as you do. We are all obligated to bring healing to another; when we see our family members hungry and thirsty we should feed them and give them water so that they can be refreshed. Well, Elder Shawn no one in my family is starving or without water. Yes they are; we all pass by beggars on the street and yes, I am fully aware that some of them do not need to be out there taking advantage of the emotions of those who can help them. I too am challenged in this area. If you know that the person who is begging for food is an addict or is running a scam. Take that person into a restaurant like McDonalds; tell that person that they can have all they want on the menu, SuperSize even. In this manner you are bringing healing to them and you know exactly where your money went. If you can, instead of walking around or over a homeless person who is sleeping on the street; put them up in a motel; pay their expenses. I’m certain that they will be refreshed to be able to take a nice hot bath or shower and to sleep in a comfortable bed if for no more than one night. Go to a local thrift store or nearby church that maybe giving away clothes and give them to those in need. You have no idea how much healing this brings to others. Healing is not just wrapped in being cured or delivered from an illness. We think too one dimensional; feeding, clothing, refreshing another is healing also and this could be an opportunity for us to usher them into the knowledge of JESUS. That is if you know HIM yourself. When we neglect those who are in greater need than we are; we are neglecting ourselves because they are our family. Let us not bring more shame on ourselves by walking past the sick as did so many others until the Samaritan came along. He became an instrument of healing to the one who was laid out in the street for many to see; yet no one helped him before the Samaritan came. Remember we are either brethren in common descent from Adam, or brethren in CHRIST.




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