In this year, beginning today January 1, 2019, we as the children of the Most High GOD must put on our armor and never take it off. Nowhere in the scriptures have, I read that we are to remove the armor. Put it on because our armor which are our defensive arms, we must get into the habit of wearing our armor while we are asleep during the night or day; while we are bathing; when we dress ourselves to do all that we are to do outside the home or inside the home. Our armor protects our body in the battle that we are in daily. Our armor protects us spiritually by providing us with a good conscience, to continue in the fullness of faith the grace.

So, put on your armor of light and never remove it again. Having on our armor of righteousness demonstrates that we are GOD’s sons and daughter. Our righteousness in GOD through CHRIST JESUS is our weapon both to attack and to defend. We are to commend ourselves over to the power of GOD. Through our use of HIS righteousness within us which is our weapon whether we are to attack and defend that which come against in that which has been promised us. When we are stressed about things that are natural it’s because we are fighting in our own power and strength. Know this my CHRISTian siblings, our weapon is not made from the flesh, our weapon is mighty in GOD and in HIM we pull down everything that comes against the knowledge of GOD. The most common strongholds that we all have, and all participate in is our carnal thoughts. Carnal thoughts are every thought that is totally opposite of all that CHRIST JESUS has given to us in HIS Holy Word. Participating in negative conversation which is carnal rather than directing the participants into thinking and speaking differently. Many people call this type of speaking as one who will have their own thoughts, not participating in what we hear and see by the majority. For example, when I was employed in Corporate America, one of my dear co-workers had a self-inflicted haircut that had gone horribly wrong. Many of our co-workers laughed at him and asked if he experienced a temporary break down. I believe that the Holy Spirit caused him to look over at me because I was near but not apart of the discussion due to my minding my own business of the work set before me and meet my deadline. He asked me about his haircut and how he is being made fun of. I simply said, “it’s only hair, it will grow back”. Not only did he thank me, but those people who were laughing at him went away from him because they had nothing to respond with what I said. It’s because I had my armor on to defeat and demolish the people defenses. To destroy the consensus of their arguments against him.

Put on your entire armor being properly dressed in our armor will help us to stand up against all the attacks, deceptive tactics, strategies, and tricks of satan. We will come to realize that we are no longer stressed about natural things. It is for this reason that we put on the entire armor of GOD. Because HE is the One who supplies us the ability to resist the attack of our enemy. It is by having on our entire armor that we overcome every evil obstacle and we will find ourselves standing. We are no longer children of darkness, but we are children of light so remain sober of mind, take nothing which causes our mind to hallucinate or be loopy. Our armor is our breastplate which causes us to have faith, hope, love, and trust. 

Romans 13:12; 2 Cor. 6:7, 10:4; Ephesians 6:11, 13; 1 Thess. 5:8


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