In the early years of my ministry, I was saturated by my mentors whose total focus was on healing. All I heard morning, noon and night were healing my faith had become so normal in knowing that regardless of what someone comes to the ministry with they were leaving healed that I never gave it any thought. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD, whatever the focus of faith is it will grow and grow abundantly without bounds. Then I left my mentors, I returned home and little by little my faith began to dwindle, not that I don’t believe that people can’t be healed it’s that I’ve not seen not even one person healed of a seasonal cold. People from the pulpit to the congregation are all over the place in their faith and we need to be focused on an area I believe in growing our faith. Just recently I asked on social media if there were any ministries that focus on the Healing Ministry and unsurprisingly I did not get a response. Maybe it’s because healing is not understood in the body of CHRIST, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve seen limbs grow out and I’ve seen people delivered from full blown Aids and I’ve seen the blind receive their sights and the deaf hear, I’ve seen the lame walk and I myself have been told by doctors that there was no more that they could do for me and was sent home to put my affairs in order and to be made comfortable at home as best I can awaiting death. However, because of my faith in my Heavenly FATHER and because of the power of the Word of GOD and my faith in the Word, I am alive and have beat the statistic of what my doctors had proclaimed over my life. I get a diagnosis take it home and get in the Word of GOD and stand there.

Every scripture that pertains to healing is not for the body of CHRIST. If you are blood purchased, blood washed then you have no business standing on pre-crucifixion promises. When King David asked the LORD for mercy because he was weak this is okay but to an extent. JESUS already knows that we as humans are weak and GOD is a merciful GOD and GOD in HIS mercy has given to us JESUS HIS only begotten SON. So why are we asking for HIS mercy? However, it’s great to acknowledge that we are weak in certain areas of our life. Asking to be healed is redundant because we have healing living on the inside of us but we don’t acknowledge this. We nurse and rehearse the symptoms of what we feel or what we have heard we may have.

I am making a request to all of my siblings in the body of CHRIST. You are familiar with the term backslider and you may have rededicated yourself over and over. I think that one of the reasons that people become backsliders is because they don’t hear the Word of GOD to build their faith because Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD. It’s a constants hearing just like we play the radio, televisions, have conversations what we put in our hearing over and over is what we believe. And what we believe is what we live and who we become. So as a backslider you are actually apostatizing from faith, falling insensibly into sin or idolatry. If you have truly been converted from darkness into light then you cannot be having fun but if you are having fun with no conscience to what you are doing then you are openly practicing apostasy abandonment of what one has professed; a total desertion, or departure from one’s faith. Nevertheless, if you in your heart will believe and truly come to JESUS turning from the darkness you will be healed from apostasy and all that is attached to that.

Now, as a CHRISTian we must believe and share with others that JESUS is a healer. JESUS is the One, not doctors or medicine but JESUS heal the sick, cleanse the diseased, raises the dead and cast out demons. Am I writing that we should stop going to doctors, of course not, we must see our physicians but when we get a diagnosis if it’s a bad report do not accept the report? Follow what the doctor prescribes but get into the Word of GOD which is the best medicine and by faith stand there, play the Word of GOD preferably audio healing scriptures all day long. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD.

JESUS was beaten with forty stripes on HIS back with the use of a whip made of leather straps. On those straps were metal balls, hooks and teeth according to the historical fact of what was used during the time when they would scourge the worse of the worse of criminals. JESUS did not fit this type of torture yet HE endured this for us. Each time HE was struck HIS flesh would fling from HIS back which would leave a gaping hole that exposed HIS skeleton and organs. That means that HIS back was one large hole. So by HIS forty stripes which left one huge strip we all were made healed. And yet we disgrace JESUS saying that we are sick or that we have some type of ailment or disease. What we are saying is that what HE went through for us was not enough and that HIS shame was useless.

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JESUS when HE walked this very same earth that we now are living on healed our ancestors of ever kind of disease. None of them were saved because JESUS had not yet been crucified and salvation was not available until the crucifixion of HIS death. Most of them that were healed did not believe that they could be healed yet they were healed. Nothing is too hard for JESUS, we do not even need to believe that HE can heal us to be healed though it would be wonderful. I say this because I’m sure that some of the sick that were brought before JESUS had to be asleep from their sickness so how could they believe? They did not know that they were there. But I tell you this in writing, once you’ve been touched by JESUS in being healed you will come to JESUS by faith.

Now today we don’t have JESUS standing before us but we have men and women of faith who should preach the Word of faith, speaking about JESUS but we are getting away from JESUS and towards our own agenda. But when we speak the Word, speak life, speak encouragement, building up the faith in the people. Then we should be able to see that someone have the faith to be healed.

There are many scriptures that are misunderstood but I think that this is a very misunderstood verse. If I have a bad feeling or have done something wrong towards my sibling in the body of CHRIST and they may not have a knowledge of that. Or maybe siblings are not doing well emotionally in the body of CHRIST because of something said or done. They are to speak to one another, not to other people (gossip) and tell that person all so that they can be healed and pray for one another.

We seem to forget that we are forgiven and we forget that we are healed. JESUS did this once and for all and being in HIS Word is a continual healing and a reminder that we are forgiven.

You need to speak to yourself or to someone you know with authority saying “JESUS the CHRIST heals you arise”. Then do it.  

Psalms 6:2, Jeremiah 3:22, Matthew 10:8, Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 4:24, Acts 14:9, James 5:16, Psalms 103:3, Acts 9:34


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