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December 8, 2020

Wisdom’s grief – Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

For some time now, I have been writing about the Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit. I have introduced to some and hopefully shared with those who have some knowledge of King Solomon, how he requested wisdom and executed somethings that I touched on by his willingness to be directed, instructed, and led by the Spirit of Wisdom and his reward is that he became the most successful and financially wealthy man who has ever lived. No person has ever accomplished the success or wealth that was once King Solomons’. 

Today, I will share with you one of my favorite books regarding King Solomon which is the book of Ecclesiastes. In this recording of King Solomon’s life, we will take notice of his successes and his failures. Take head to his advice and warnings.

King Solomon acknowledges himself to be a Preacher, yet, King Solomon was not a High Priest, a Priest, nor a Prophet, so why did he acknowledge himself to be a Preacher? 

The answer is this, a preacher who has the calling of not only to be a cleric but one who has been called to be a teacher. This is what a preacher and teacher have in common and how we know that they are exercising their gift. A preacher and a teacher will impress our hearts, mind, and spirit with frequent admonishments of what we are to know. They will continue repetitiously with a subject until it has been accepted and received with understanding. 

Unfortunately, because teachers who are in schools are dealing with more students at a time, a teacher cannot spend quality time teaching a particular subject consistently when there are only one to three students that do not understand as well. They must move on, however, it is up to the student who lacks the understanding of the particular subject to ask the teacher to tutor them until they understand the subject. The teacher that will spend quality time tutoring their students is the teacher that has the calling of being a teacher in and on their life.

Preachers spend more time with what to speak regarding a sermon rather than teaching the congregation the need for Salvation in CHRIST JESUS and the need for being baptized in the Holy Ghost. Preachers should take the time to be sure each of their congregants is secured in the salvation of CHRIST JESUS and baptized in HIS Holy Spirit. Preachers need to understand that GOD will send to the house of prayer those who need certain teachings rendered by a preacher through the Holy Ghost. So whichever assignment GOD places on the heart of a preacher to speak on repeatedly such as salvation, Holy Spirit baptism, living in the life that JESUS directs us to live. Until the hearers’ ears actually begin to listen and then the lesson has been planted within the fertile soil of the heart and the listener begins to apply that which is being taught, no preacher should jump around from one subject to another. For example, everyone knows John 3:16 

“for GOD so LOVED the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON that whoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life”. [nkjv]

 The problem with this scripture in the minds of nonbelievers is that though they can quote parts of this verse they may not know or recall the remainder of the verse.

Whoever believes in HIM will not perish but have everlasting life” [cev] 

I like this translation also, “for GOD so LOVED the world that HE gave HIS only and unique SON, so that everyone who trusts in HIM may have eternal life, instead of being utterly destroyed”. [cjv] Are not all human beings an everyone and a whoever? Yes, we all are so why is it that everyone who attends church is not in total agreement to the point that they are unmoved by this teaching by others’ beliefs or opinions? Why is it that the unchurched are not hearing this being herald within their homes by some member of their family who is saved or an avid attendee in the house of prayer? I will leave you to your thoughts on these questions because I want us to look with open eyes rather than eyes that are wide shut and to listen rather than just hearing. As to what is being preached in our house of prayer that we require until we are full as when we eat natural food and we are full.

King Solomon in all his wisdom from the Spirit of Wisdom has done, obtained, and seen all that was humanly possible so much so that his heart turned from the Most-High GOD, yet, the gift that GOD gave to him was still within him which is the gift of the Spirit of Wisdom. King Solomon caused the Holy Spirit to become sorrowful because He was being consistently displeased and offended by being provoked to mourn due to the pain He had to endure by King Solomon’s actions of follies, misfortunes, and vices. Here we see that it is possible to have a heart for GOD and still turn from HIM to please self. And we should also know because it takes some measure of the Holy Spirit to be apart of our being when Saved by Grace in CHRIST JESUS that it is possible to grieve the Holy Spirit because of our actions in follies, misfortunes, and vices. King Solomon directed his heart to know the reason for things through investigating/researching by seeking/looking for with skillful and godly wisdom. He wanted to know or rather he found out that wickedness is folly [the absurd actions of sin which violate GOD’s moral commandments and the depravity of our mind, weakness of intellect] foolishness [lack of good judgment, understanding, and wisdom] is madness. These things led King Solomon to recklessness and stupidity as they have and will continue to do if we continue in a lifestyle of sin rather than a lifestyle of righteousness.

King Solomon advised that we should enjoy life in regards to recreation, we must take the time to enjoy the activities in all that GOD has provided for our enjoyment. Be glad [cheerful, happy, pleased], eat foods that are new to us, look around, meet people, and discover the various cultural differences but taking notice that we are the same, travel. Set our minds to know wisdom through the observance of what is taking place around us, observe the work of GOD, take notice that we cannot grasp [taking hold with the arms and hands] all that HE has done and our efforts to know in wisdom cannot know and are unable to grasp everything. No person is a know it all. 

Mankind due to sin must work for our food rather than enjoy food that is supplied to us freely as intended in the Garden of Eden. It is not the work as such that is the burden but rather the burden of working that is the burden because working has become a difficult task in that most of us do not jump from our beds looking forward to going out to work but rather dread the fact that this is something that we must do to have the lifestyle that we desire. Also, most never consider that it is in the working that keeps us from being idle [bored, inactive, lack of interest, lazy, reckless, unemployed, unfruitful, unoccupied, unprofitable, weary] because being idle allows our minds to direct us into all types of trouble. Everything and King Solomon should know it best that everything is vanity [arrogance, emptiness, pride, without substance to completely satisfy our desires, worthless pursuits]. King Solomon was seeing for himself through the eyes of wisdom how humankind is disorderly and incomplete, we are impotent to rectify ourselves.

King Solomon spoke with his heart admitting all the greatness and wisdom that he had attained. He knew that his heart had attained great knowledge and wisdom. King Solomon knew this because GOD had given to him just what he asked for. And it was GOD who gave to him those gifts that he did not ask for which were honor and wealth. King Solomon’s greatness excelled more than anyone else and the Spirit of Wisdom which possessed him remained within him even though He was displeased with him.

Unfortunately, King Solomon did not just look for that which was for the better he also looked for those things that were his downfall, his absurd actions of sin, and despair, fleshly passions, and rage. He eventually found out that all things are like trying to catch and to hold onto the wind.

I may be wrong in my thoughts, but in the knowledge that I have in knowing that no other human will ever possess at onetime the fullness of the Spirit of Wisdom but rather in having the fullness of the Spirit of Wisdom we are to ask daily for His help in direction, guidance, leading, teaching, wisdom, and understanding of those things that we desire to execute. Such as our decisions, dreams, goals, and visions. King Solomon also gives us this great piece of advice that I believe we all need to adhere to which is; there are and will continue to be many books written and published for this is endless. Do Not Believe Everything That We Read! Being devoted to studying excessively in anything or everything is wearisome to the body and the mind. I believe that this is great advice to adhere to. 

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