Post-election 2017 we have many who are unhappy such as me and dissatisfied with who is in leadership. And some who are ecstatic with the results. But one thing is for sure that keeps me at peace and that is this, Romans 13:1-7. I am aware that I am subject to the authorities of this government to an extent. Because GOD HIMself is not surprised by this turn of events. Before Orange Aid #45 ever thought of becoming the leader of this nation, it was already placed within him to be so by GOD. Do I like it, no? Do I understand this, no? But it’s not for me to like or understand. I don’t lean on my own understanding but I trust in the LORD with all my heart. I know that all rulers are not bad and all rulers are not good. This one is not a good one. And I have a right to my opinion as you do yours, this is just one of the reasons that make America great.

King/Kings are hereditary sovereigns when they hold the powers of government by right of birth or inheritance, and elective, when raised to the throne by choice.

Dom/jurisdiction, or property and jurisdiction. Hence it is used to denote state, condition or quality, as in wisdom, freedom.

Gen. 1:26, 28, 1 Sam. 8:7

Daniel 4:17 the Most High rules the human kingdom, that HE gives it to whomever HE wishes and can raise up over it the lowliest of mortals. (CJV)

Written above are the words [king] and [dom], to separate the word breaks it down to its root. I have written to explain how far we’ve fallen from grace and yet some of us can be found calling ourselves kings yet we have no concept of how to rule the kingdom. We don’t even realize that we have dominion.

 2 Corinthians 10:5 if anyone has ever been fishing, what is done with the rod is that it’s cast/thrown into the water in an effort to catch some fish. Or maybe you cast/throw a net into the water to catch fish, crabs or shrimp. The concept is the same we have to throw away from us arguments, throw them down those thoughts that we know take up space and control where JESUS should and must be. Because when JESUS is not our first thought JESUS is not first in our life. The knowledge of knowing GOD in our lives is critical we already know how to sin very well. Well, actually we don’t because if we did addictions would not happen, adultery would not happen, fornication would not happen, abuse would not happen, murder would not happen, lies would not happen, deceit would not happen and so much more. We can bring our thoughts into captivity because we are to renew our minds and in renewing our minds obedience comes of and in CHRIST. 1 cor. 1:19 “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and frustrate the intelligence of the intelligent.” (CJV)

Had JESUS not come down from HIS throne as GOD the creator it would have been difficult for mankind to believe that GOD is able to understand what it is that we HIS creation as mankind go through. It was essential that JESUS become like HIS brothers which are mankind in every way with the exception of sin. HE wanted and this is the part we glaze over that JESUS wanted to experience the day to day experience of human nature so that HE will become a merciful and faithful High Priest for us. This High Priest is sinless and HIS sacrifice is holy and untainted, perfect in every way never needing to be performed again. HIS payment was paid in full for my sin and it washed away my sin, past, present and future forever. GOD is satisfied with this payment for this divine justice because it provided a way back for me between the FATHER and myself.

 Hebrews 2:17


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