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October 15, 2020

Worry-Needs and Wants-Matthew 6:25, 27-28, 31, 34

Oh, the things that we worry about. Some of them are ridiculous and all is a waste of time. We worry because we do not have one of the two; no JESUS, or no faith, reliance, or trust in JESUS. My heart breaks when I see and or hear my CHRISTian siblings worry about their family or bills because these are the areas where their faith is weak and these are the areas where they need to go to the FATHER and ask HIM to help them in those areas where their faith is weak. I cannot begin to touch on every area where people worry but I will touch on those basic things which are near our heart.

Do not worry about your life” this includes not only yourself but your parents, grand-parents up to four generations, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. This also includes which schools to attend, being employed, and where to reside/live, money, and transportation.

The chosen verses of scripture get lost in translation because we do not read what JESUS is saying that is causing unnecessary worry in our lives at the moment. But in actuality HE did, you see when HE spoke those words then it covered what was available during that particular time, they did not have all that we have today. So, in reading the scriptures we need to close our eyes, chillax and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as we place our faith, reliance, and trust in knowing what we speak, that JESUS is our provider. Everything that we stand in need of HE will make sure that we receive them because HE knows just what we truly need long before it becomes a need for us. 

Throw and release all your burdens onto the LORD. HE is a sustainer and HE will not allow us to fall because HE is the ONE who holds us up. We the righteous cannot fall, fail, or slip when we are grounded and rooted in HIM. Did you know that when we allow ourselves to be overtaken with being anxious which is another form of worry that we are giving greatness to something in the future that may or may not happen or be real? They are the unknown to us, being anxious/worried unquiets us with inner voices of bullying/teasing, troubling, and harassment. These things cause fatigue and tear us down emotionally, mentally, and physically. Every circumstance and situation that we must go through [key word Go Through] we are to go to the FATHER and speak with HIM about them. We must ask HIM for HIS guidance and leadership, in making wise decisions. We must take notice that prayer is simply having a conversation not a monologue with someone but in this, we are speaking with our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Did not JESUS instruct us to go to the FATHER and ask in HIS [JESUS] name,? I know that HE did. Jhn. 16:23-24. Our problem is that we try to sound super righteous and spooky when we speak to rather than with GOD as though we are not speaking with a friend or have something to prove. Be straightforward, be specific, and stop playing games because the only one you are fooling is yourself.

We are the apple of GOD’s eye, HE loves us more than we are able to comprehend and HE is not far from us. Knowing this we will see that what we are doing is wasting precious time with worry. 

Answer me this, does worry add or remove life from your life? Why have you allowed worry to overcome you when you are the overcomer in CHRIST JESUS? Here is a suggestion, pay better attention to nature, they too have requirements, yet, nothing or no one worries but mankind. Nature is well provided for by the FATHER. 

Ask the FATHER to help you stop being overly concerned about the unknown, cease worrying about what you have need of, and speak in plain everyday language that you speak with others. Share with the FATHER everything, be an open book to HIM, quietly as it’s kept you are anyway because HE is Omniscient the GOD who knows everything.

AMFBeM (™) 

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