A desire of some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable. Hope differs from a wish and desire in this, that it implies some expectation of obtaining the good that is desired or the possibility of possessing it. Hope therefore always gives pleasure whereas a wish and desire may produce or be accompanied with pain and anxiety. This is why most people lack in hope because it seems out of reach and unattainable. We confuse our hopes with our wishes and when our desires don’t come to pass we are yet again disappointed and often it’s laid at the feet of people that we blame. I know because I’ve been there. Spent many years placing my hope in others and my expectations in them only to be disappointed and hurt in silence.

But finally, it dawned on me to trust JESUS and place my hope in HIM.

And when I did finally disappointment began to leave me. My love for GOD began to grow more and more because my trust in HIM deepened. Most of all the Holy Spirit finally had my ears and my full heart and I noticed just how much GOD’s love is poured out on me which causes me to be in a state of gratitude. If we would only step back and truly take a look at our character without JESUS we will wonder why GOD loves us so very much and why would HE send HIS SON to die for us. We will never know if we are honest with ourselves but whatever we expect and hope in the LORD we will no longer be ashamed. Some of us were bold in our sins now take that same boldness and be that for CHRIST JESUS others may not have that bold nature but in JESUS you can be in HIM. We all are called to magnify JESUS in our bodies by our daily living which is exemplified even in our death.

Inside of every single blood washed born again CHRISTian lives faith, hope, and love. You have them and you can operate in them because JESUS lives within us. But if JESUS does not live within us then, of course, these three cannot be found within you and you will find it difficult for you to live this way.

Each human is being called to JESUS and those that have JESUS living within has already answered the call. Those that have not answered the call it is up to us to live a holy life before them in open and in secret, meaning that even when no one is watching your life is holy. Holiness is not just about our boasting and not our living, we are the hope to the lost but how can we be when we ourselves appear hopeless.

We have a hope which is laid up in heaven the problem with many is that so many believe that heaven is in some far distant place. Heaven is in our heart if JESUS is there. GOD our FATHER already provided us with HIS glory and made us rich in CHRIST JESUS who is our hope of glory. So, my question to you is, is JESUS in you and are you in JESUS? If the answer is yes, then know that our body is already dead because our spirit has been made alive and it is no longer our flesh who rule but our spirit who rule. In other words, before we allowed JESUS into our heart the operation went in this manner for us. Flesh and emotion which is our mind and will. Now that we have allowed JESUS into our heart the operation goes in this manner. Spirit, emotion, and flesh. Our spirit is alive because of righteousness in CHRIST JESUS without righteousness we were dead because righteousness was not found anywhere in us I don’t care how much we want to throw around the word (good). We were not good, we were nice. Only GOD is good. Not only that, because JESUS lives in us because the Spirit that raised JESUS up from dead in that tomb. You better know that the very same will happen to us as well.

So who is and where is our hope? The LORD GOD/CHRIST JESUS our Savior.

Precious understand this, there are 2 things GOD is not capable of doing. Lying and that we have a strong consolation [Comfort, alleviation of misery and distress of mind, refreshment of mind or spirit, a comparative degree of happiness in distress or misfortune springing from any circumstance that abates evil, or supports and strengthens the mind, as hope, joy, courage]. Even in tough time, we can still have our hope.

Darling siblings, we have a living hope, not a dead one! Our hope is wrapped up in abundant, not a little dab will do ya, but abundant more than we can ask or think mercy. Because JESUS the CHRIST has been resurrected from the dead!! And unless you too are born again you cannot and you will not see the kingdom of GOD. You must be washed by the water and you must have the Spirit of GOD to be known and to gain access into the kingdom of GOD. It’s not by your works and it’s not about how many times you have said lord, lord and faked the people and even yourself out. You better have your house (soul) saved.

The name of hope is JESUS.


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