Everyone has a right to know about JESUS


It is not up to us to pick and choose who we should share JESUS with. This is the manner in which most people may share JESUS with others. We take a look at them and think that if we share JESUS with that person they may not reject what we have to say or we are attracted to how they look. We are standoffish to those who are loud, over rebellious in their actions and words, or filthy. Truth be told although we come across as standoffish to those that we think are most in need of hearing about the forgiveness, the grace, the love, and the mercy of CHRIST JESUS, those that we are attracted to as well as those who we are not attracted to has a right to know about JESUS. Instead of our picking and choosing who we will share JESUS with, listen to the Holy Spirit because He knows who you will be able to speak with. Yes, as we begin to approach the person we may feel nervous but go through with it anyway. But do not speak to them in a manner that they cannot relate to you, just be yourself and share JESUS. If you listen to the Holy Spirit you will notice that He will show you many opportunities to speak to others for a brief moment. Do not come across as pushy but let them ask you if they can speak with you further.

Matthew 28:18-20 JESUS said, “go and announce or publish the Good News”. It is selfish for us to be the possessors of GOD’s Good News concerning HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS and not share with others.

This entire planet will one day see the Salvation of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. How will you like to be responsible for not sharing CHRIST JESUS with others? You are not a failure for sharing the Good News and being rejected because everyone has a right to accept or reject HIM.

Speak about repenting which is a changing of the heart and mind. The changing of the heart and mind is what will lead them to CHRIST JESUS. Repenting is not a religious form of life as many have made it out to be. Also, share about how JESUS CHRIST paid in full the cost for the penalty of our sin.

Continue in the faith of CHRIST JESUS, not in the faith of you.

We must not only teach through our speaking but we are to also teach in the demonstration of our lifestyle in our faith in CHRIST JESUS. This is most evident among our family, friends, and associates.

And lastly, understand this today, please. We are not ever alone, we must remember that GOD is with us not just in the times we consider to be good. But, HE is with us in the times we consider to be difficult for us as well. The LORD your GOD is standing with you.

Matthew 25:31-40; Psalm 89:14; Is. 52:10; Lk. 24:47; Col. 1:23; Acts 18:10, 23:11


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