How do I cope with death?

Before we can understand death; we must understand life. GOD’s original purpose was that we live forever but with Adams sin we were sentenced to death. GOD is a Spirit and we were created in HIS image; meaning that we are spirit clothed in flesh. Our flesh is made from the dirt/dust of the ground; our spirit is inside and GOD breathes life in our nostrils so that we have become a living soul which has the ability to choose.

Now because we are tri-part beings and we will die an earthly death. We must choose where our soul will go. Our spirit belongs to GOD and will return back to HIM regardless. Our flesh belongs to the ground and it will return back to the ground regardless. But our soul which houses our emotions, mind and will needs a place to reside eternally. With our emotions we feel everything; with our mind we make decisions and with our will we make choices. When we accept JESUS our spirit and soul will live eternally with GOD and we will be given new bodies. So when we understand this process of life and that GOD’s desire is not filled with don’ts but with dos; we will find out that living in GOD through JESUS is a total blast. We may find ourselves mourning the life that has crossed over who is without a doubt a CHRISTian. But it will not be because we don’t know where they are spending eternity but because we will miss their voice and touch; we will be assured that we will see our loved one again. For those that did not make that choice to live for GOD through JESUS than your tears will be for a completely different reason. One of uncertainty; you are not really sure if your loved one accepted or denied JESUS. So to the readers I ask that you make the correct choice to choose JESUS. It will be better to live life here on earth experiencing all the promises GOD has given to us than to die in regret and continue to suffer in the unquenchable fire. 

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