A gibbet/gallows consisting of two pieces of timber placed across each other, in the form of a [+] which notorious malefactors are hanged, on which their bodies are suffered to remain, as spectacles of terror, and which our Savior suffered Ephesians 2:16. The ensign of the Christian faith. A monument with a cross upon it is to excite devotion through remembrance of the price JESUS paid for us. The doctrine of CHRIST’s sufferings and of the atonement, of our salvation by CHRIST, Galatians 5:11.

JESUS CHRIST after being beaten to the point of death had HE been a mere man. Was forced to carry HIS cross on HIS bloody and broken flesh body. HIS blood began to spill at the Praetorium and has flowed all over this planet to clean our blood and to provide us with a new DNA from all the curses of disease, sickness, and sin. If we would remember the suffering that JESUS CHRIST took on our behalf we should be willing also to pick up our cross and carry it as well. JESUS CHRIST never complained yet we complain about the trials and tribulations that we are hit with. When we neglect to carry our cross to go through the suffering that comes our way such as giving up all things that are not pleasing to the FATHER. We demonstrate that we are not worthy of following the example JESUS CHRIST left with us. In CHRIST JESUS we are able to do all things. It’s tiring and causes great pain but we must be willing to deny the cravings of our flesh. However, the problem with all of us is that we are too prideful to ask for help. Though JESUS CHRIST did not ask for help from the soldiers or those who witnessed HIM walking towards Golgotha to HIS execution. Help was provided by forcing another to take the cross of JESUS CHRIST the remainder of the way. This is a demonstration to us that we may begin toting the full weight of the cross but we don’t have to do it alone. Ask for help from family, friends and most of all CHRIST JESUS. There are no pleasing people, we are guilty of finding fault with others, magnifying all the negative or mistakes that we make and criticizing. But we seldom focus on the good. This is why most people shy away from asking for help, family and friends are supposed to walk not only in the cool breeze when everything is going well. We are to walk in the heat of the fire with family and friends as well without criticizing or looking for something out of it for self. We have nothing to prove to another. It’s a great thing that JESUS CHRIST never got down from that cross to prove to those who taunted HIM that HE could save HIMself and that HE is GOD. Had HE done so, we would never have the hope, that HE supplied us with through HIS obedience. If people don’t believe us with what we share with them when we speak, so what. Obey the examples JESUS CHRIST left for us. We are the subjects of our Sovereign, HE is the KING of the Jews. This is not just for those who know that they are Jews but it’s also for every Gentile who by faith believe in CHRIST JESUS and has become Jewish by faith. And don’t become upset when our mothers have to stand by to witness the pains we will go through to glorify the FATHER and our Savior. The mother of JESUS CHRIST stood by helpless crying for her baby but she understood that this is why HE was born to take on all the sins, all the diseases, all the sickness, and all the stresses of life. When we come through by becoming dead to the will of our flesh we will not be broken just as JESUS CHRIST bones were not broken. Ex. 12:46.

As an Evangelist I speak to those who are also anointed to evangelize, we are not sent out by CHRIST JESUS to carry out all the responsibilities that some are responsible to carry out in ministry. Though there may be times when the opportunity may present itself and the Holy Spirit will instruct us to carry out what we are not concerned with. Our prime responsibility is to proclaim the Good News of our Savior CHRIST JESUS. Never try to impress others with big words or lie about having what we don’t have because we desire to reflect what we see in others. We must be ourselves and rely totally on the wisdom which we receive from the Holy Spirit. Not all of us can relate to the plight of everyone that we come in contact with but we can share our testimony and the blood of the lamb with others. As an evangelist, we may not see everyone who we speak with transform from sin to righteousness but at least we can give them something to think about which will give them life and snatch them away from death. Our power is not in and of ourselves but in the cross.

Our confidence is found in the LORD our Savior CHRIST JESUS. Not in fables and especially not in the law which we have been redeemed from. Those that judge us because we don’t speak or live as they do because everything is either black or white there is no gray for them. Will judge and criticize yet they themselves never speak and live fulfilling the traditions of man neither do they obey the law entirely. We are to keep our eyes on the cross, not the law, come to realize that in CHRIST JESUS our heart is what is circumcised. Men don’t have to have their penis circumcised as a mark to show that they are righteous. Many men are circumcised from Jew to Gentile and they are not obedient to the law of GOD what so ever. However, those who have their heart circumcised are obedient to the knowledge of their freedom through CHRIST JESUS. Careless about the outward appearance because those who are more concerned about the outward appearance are dead inwardly. Putting on a show is just an act. Are you living when there is no one to see you in the same manner as you put on a show about? We better get our mind right and not be concerned about the outward person who is whitewashed but rather live life according to the crucifixion and our crucifixion is with JESUS CHRIST. This world has been crucified but there are some who are not aware of this or believe it to be so. We were a part of the world and it’s through our crucifixion with JESUS CHRIST that we are no longer a part of the world but rather in the world. We were once separated from the FATHER but because of the obedience JESUS CHRIST went through for us we have now become a new human, we are one in CHRIST JESUS and we have within us HIS peace. Through the execution of JESUS CHRIST, we are reconciled back to the FATHER. JESUS CHRIST’s death was as though HE was a criminal but HE was innocent. We are the ones who are guilty deserving the punishment that HE took for us all. To the family who is washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS, if we imitate anyone and we do make sure that our mentor is one who follows CHRIST JESUS and lives according to HIS Word. Then our mentors are those who are enemies of JESUS CHRIST and HIS death on the cross we are imitating the wrong people. Regardless of how nice or smart they may be. Darkness cannot extinguish light but light can extinguish the dark. Following the wrong people will only lead to destruction. The god that they serve is not the true and living GOD who created everything and died to set us free from sin. Everything or everyone that is put before CHRIST JESUS is serving a false god. They should be ashamed but are not because their minds are on the things of this world. GOD is well pleased with JESUS and it’s seen by HIM having the total essence of GOD living within HIMself. JESUS reconciled everything on earth and in heaven to GOD by making peace in the shedding of HIS precious blood. JESUS paid our debt in full and HE did so completely and perfectly. The law which is regulations stood against us because none of us are able to live perfectly according to those guild lines. So JESUS had the law nailed to HIMself on the cross.

We are not alone in our faith and walk in CHRIST JESUS. No, we have with us those who lived in the freedom of CHRIST JESUS from Adam and Eve to the last human being alive when CHRIST JESUS return or dead in the grave who will rise when called forward. So in CHRIST JESUS discard from us everything that causes us not to be obedient to CHRIST JESUS. And just because something prevents us individually from living for CHRIST as we aught does not necessarily mean that it’s a sin. The sin is that we have it in the place where CHRIST JESUS should be in our heart. Nothing that we enjoy should keep us from moving forward in CHRIST JESUS. Keep the endurance of going forward and not looking to the side or back. CHRIST initiated and completed our trust in HIM. We share in the joy which is set before us because of what JESUS endured on the cross on our behalf. JESUS was the one who endured the beatings, the antagonistic words which were hurled at HIM. JESUS was the One who was executed in our place and put to shame by being exposed nakedly so people could gaze upon HIS bloody and destroyed flesh. But glory to our Savior who was not left in the grave, CHRIST JESUS rose from death because death could not keep HIM captive. We are told to rest in CHRIST JESUS because CHRIST sat back down on HIS throne beside HIS FATHER’s right side because HE is the One who left nothing undone. As JESUS did on the cross proclaim as HE did. Finished!

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