How do we obtain a good testimony

Hebrews 11

Well it’s easier than we think; yet, it’s harder for some to believe. Testimonies are formed out of faith. Many of us have personal testimonies and some of us don’t realize that we do. If you thought back; you may find a memory of an event that took place in your life that you know for certain no one could have done what was done other than JESUS coming to your rescue. We too often miss our testimonies because we don’t recognize the blessings GOD has provided to us through HIS SON, JESUS. I dislike visiting a church and if they are doing testimonies someone will stand up and say “I got up this morning; and HE started me on my way” or something like that.” The body of CHRIST needs to hear how you had nothing in your home to eat and you did not tell anyone that your cupboards were bare and your refrigerator only has a light bulb and some shelves. Yet, food showed up at your door or someone gave you some money; enough to purchase some food. People need to hear how your body was overcome with this or that and you were hospitalized; the doctors did not know what to do; yet, you serve a physician that created your body and HE knows what to do. HE knows what the problem is and you recover to the shock of the doctors and the nurses. You need to tell about how you were facing eviction and the entire thing was taken care of so you still have a home. These are just some of the things that cause us to obtain a good testimony. When reading Hebrews 11 for the thousandth time; I realized the following.

  • Abel’s testimony was in his offering which proved that he was righteous; even to the point of death when his blood spoke to GOD.
  • Enoch, I love Enoch and I generally go to the scriptures to show people that when GOD takes someone; HE does not require them to die an earthly death. This is only one of many reasons why it can be difficult to get a person to listen to us about GOD because of the ignorant testimonies we give about HIM. {GOD need another angel; GOD was ready for the person to come home; all the while you are left here on earth hurting} Know when GOD takes a mortal human and HE’s only done this twice; HE will remove that person still living and breathing on their own from earth to heaven without death. GOD is transferring the living and breathing human from the existence of earth to the existence of heaven. It’s a simple removal from one destination to another destination.
  • Noah was divinely warned and with the information he received he wasted no time getting done what had to be done. I never noticed this before today but it was Noah who condemned the world. His message was the same for 120 years and he was laughed at; so when he and his family closed the door of the ark I’m certain someone said; “Who has the last laugh now.” In doing this Noah became an heir of righteousness.
  • Abraham obeyed; he was called to go and he went. He did not know where he was going but he kept on going. Maybe this is why he is the father of faith. Some of you hear that still small voice telling you to attend your neighborhood church and you will not go because you believe that you will not be accepted or you think that you don’t have the right clothes to wear. Phooey on that; JESUS knows what you are like; JESUS knows what you have. JESUS wants you just the way you are.
  • Sarah had a baby way past her premium years for child bearing; all because she believed GOD to be faithful.
  • Abraham also took the child that Sarah prayed for; for so many, many years. She had to be between a rock and a hard place; knowing what her beloved husband was planning on doing with their son. Abraham, however was not concerned by the verification of his words when he spoke to his attendants who followed him and Isaac. All because of Abraham’s obedience and the promise which came from the seed of Isaac we get Jacob and Esau.
  • Jacob later becomes Israel and the father of the twelve tribes.
  • Joseph who told the Israelites one day you will leave Egypt; don’t you leave me here in this place; take me along also.
  • Moses who was hidden for three months by his parents; rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter and nursed by his biological mother. Mr. & Mrs. Moses parents were not afraid of the King’s decree. Knowing who he was as an adult; turned his back on all the pleasures of the palace and chose to suffer alongside the Hebrews / Israelites. Moses kept the Passover and the sprinkling of the blood which are foreshadows of the death of CHRIST JESUS; that were first done while yet in Egypt the night before they sojourned. They walked through the Red Sea on dry land while the Egyptians drowned trying to capture Moses and the Hebrews / Israelites. The walls of Jericho fell down after obeying the orders to march around the wall for seven days.
  • Rahab did not perish with the none believers; but was saved and became the mother of Boaz; the grandmother of Obed; the great-grandmother of Jesse and the great-great-grandmother of David the King.

And there are so many others in the bible who have wonderful testimonies that we all can relate to. However, none of the people I named above received the promises; yet they all died in faith and we will see them all in heaven. How cool is that? Just think about it; GOD is a skillful, artistic worker of HIS craft and man can’t touch in comparison to what GOD has done. In the creating of the world, the lights in the sky, the orbits that surround earth, the precious resources that man must dig deep to bring forth out of the earth.  Life that fills the waters with various aquatic species and plants. The trees along with other plant life. All continue despite the destruction of mankind.  Ever been scuba diving or watched National Geographic; we get to see GOD’s handiwork. We ooh and aah; yet, some of us still find it hard to believe that a creative GOD did this. There were many in the bible who were made fun of because of their faith in CHRIST JESUS and it continues today. Unfortunately, because no one like being made fun of or counted as different. The lack of zeal that was once experienced has taken a back seat. Waiting patiently to be brought forth again as we tell another person just what JESUS has done for us. You don’t have to have the bible memorized; but you must read your bible daily to build on the faith that you have. It’s a requirement that you read your bible daily so that your faith may become stronger and you can become bolder with your testimony. The Word gives us daily life and the Holy Spirit will bring back to your remembrance what you have read. The Word is written “And they overcame him by the Blood of the LAMB and by the word of their testimony,” Rev. 12:11 So, testify of GOD’s eternal goodness and HIS gently grace and HIS loving mercy on your life. Because you sure have either one or a few.


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