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It’s strange how as a young child we hate being imitated. I agree, sometimes when we are being imitated it’s not done to make us feel better but to tear us down. But then there are times when we are being imitated that it’s really just all in jest. The thing is when to know the difference. As we grow older we find ourselves emulating those that we look up to but we never use the word imitate. It could begin or should begin with our parents or close responsible and respectable member of our family. Then still as we mature and our horizons broaden we find ourselves with what we call mentors and yet again, we never use the word imitate. These people maybe our teachers, neighbors, pastors, friends, co-workers or someone you may have never met but admire from afar. Maybe in books, across the room or from television.

However, to be imitated really is a spectacular acknowledgment that you are doing something well and that someone wants to emulate you. We all should want to be imitated in what we do. People never realize that those that they want to imitate or those that are willing to mentor have put in the hard work so that we the imitators can reap from the imitated.

Sometimes our mentors are known or unknown by others but that should not matter. What should matter is that when we choose to give ourselves over to someone to mentor us who is knowledgeable, strong and possibly of no reputation. We get wisdom, strength, and honor. This was the case with Apostle Paul especially he had a horrible reputation as Saul and we all know people never want us to forget our past. But these men and so many true men and women today are perceived to be fools for GOD. Many may say, surely GOD does not…you fill in the blank as to what people may think GOD does not want us to go through to get someone to come to JESUS. The Apostle Paul fathered many souls as well as we all who profess to be CHRISTians but not only that, we must be the example setters. Live the life instead of speaking the life. Most people can memorize scriptures but as soon as trouble come to their way faith, prayer and scripture seem to flee. But if we would live the scriptures, be the examples of the scriptures we could show all the non-believers that our GOD is the True and Living GOD. We could get those who do not know JESUS who will want to know HIM to imitate us through HIS Word. Every woman and man should be a father of the gospel because this world has more than its share of instructors. We need men and women to plant the gospel seed into the hearts of people void of the truth of CHRIST JESUS. It is our job to birth again until CHRIST JESUS is formed in everyone. Imitate me has a ring of being fruitful and multiply.

But it does not end with just depositing the seeds and watching the birthing of baby CHRISTians. No, the righteous must be ministered to as well, we must be reminded often this is why we are told that faith come by h-ear-i-n-g not hear. This is why there are so many defeated Christians, they think they know it because they have memorized some scriptures or those talented ones who have the bible on lock by memory. But yet, let something happen that they don’t like and faith begins to grow weak, prayers don’t seem to be getting answered, and GOD seems not to be near. What do they do then? Had they never gotten tired of worshiping GOD in their spirit or learning to by speaking in tongues, had they never doubted in their heart had they lived the scriptures instead of memorizing them in their heads, victory would not have seemed lost. We have an inherited promise but we must remain patient because our FATHER has not forgotten us, how can we when we are the apple of HIS eye. Who is the one and only one person you are willing to die for without hesitation regardless of who comes into your life? Okay, now that you have that image in your head, remember that our FATHER loves us and HE made a promise to us and HE is not a man that HE will lie to us. We are righteous in HIM through HIS SON CHRIST JESUS and because of that, we are Abraham’s seed which means we have everything Abraham was promised. Abraham had to wait, we don’t, and we have it now! I’m telling you, we have to imitate the New Testament saints especially CHRIST JESUS. We can do this if it were not so, JESUS would have said we could not and HE would have told Paul to make sure you make it clear that you write that. It’s time that we stop imitating what we know or what we have been comfortable and familiar with and imitate that which JESUS said to imitate. 

1 Corinthians 4:16 & Hebrews 6:12


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