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August 5, 2020


Pray for others to receive the Holy Spirit-Acts 8:15

Any of us who are born-again believers and know of others who are our siblings in CHRIST should ask with conviction if they are baptized in the Holy Spirit. Why? Because the Holy Spirit removes religiosity which is foolishness, becomes our teacher, and endues us with power to receive the fullness of truth. GOD does not care about which sect of religion we have become members of just so that the local assembly is expounding on the Gospel of JESUS. Religion will focus on the various characters of the Bible rather than pointing out where JESUS is with these characters. Religion will point out our short-comings rather than the love that the FATHER, SON, and Holy Ghost have for us and that we are forgiven while pointing out how we can grow from our mistakes. Religion is focused on their man-made laws rather than on the Grace of JESUS. Religion cares about the perception of the people rather than how GOD/JESUS is with you based on HIS Word of Grace.

Most people who read and or study the Bible have great respect for Paul. But were you aware that Paul asked those who are our siblings in CHRIST whether or not they had been baptized in the Holy Ghost? “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed in JESUS to be the CHRIST [Anointed ONE/MESSIAH]? Their reply to the question is what most replies should be. “No”. Most CHRISTians because some believe that they do have the Holy Spirit because they are saved and that is not a complete error. Will often say yes because without our listening to the Holy Spirit speak to us about JESUS when we heard people witnessing to us, or our attending some form of religious service be it weekly worship, Bible study, a true CHRISTian wedding/elopement, or funeral [burial of the dead], television ministry, radio ministry or social media. None of us would have believed because faith comes by our hearing and our listening to the Word of GOD. But if our dear siblings those who do not have the fullness of GOD living within them, truly have the fullness of GOD which is HIS Holy Spirit who endues us with the power from on high, why are so many weak, defeated, and double-minded? Holy Spirit-filled children of the living GOD are not exhibiting the characteristics of being defeated, double-minded, or weakness from one day to the next. We are overcomers through CHRIST JESUS, we are victorious regardless of what is going on around us, we are winners in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of all situations.

In our focus scripture for today, we see that Peter and John went and prayed for believers to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. So, what should this tell you loved ones? It should be made clear that the Holy Spirit does not move into our hearts the same day or time that JESUS enters in. So, if this is true and it is. After we have been filled with JESUS we should ask immediately to be filled with HIS Holy Spirit and believe by faith that we have Him just as we have the FATHER and JESUS living on the inside of us and we are living within HIM. Just as our asking for JESUS which is an invitation we must also ask the Holy Spirit by invitation to live in our hearts as well. When we have witnessed that our siblings in CHRIST are often living defeatedly we must ask them about having the Holy Spirit living within them. Share with them who He is and what He does within us. Then if they are willing, pray with them to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. More often then not they will experience a difference deep within immediately. And, do not confuse experience with feelings, feelings are earthly/worldly and emotional. Experience is based on facts of what took place. Experience is also based on the faith of what we know to be true before we see the results. “Walk by faith and not by sight”, “GOD calls those things which do not exist as though they did”, “Let there be light” or “Let there be”.

We are all made in the image of GOD so why not possess all of who HE is, take hold of all HIS promises to us, receive all the gifts that HE has for us, and live according to our faith in HIM/JESUS. Pray to receive the Holy Spirit if you have not. Pray for others to receive the Holy Spirit if they have not. Now, notice the evidence of the Holy Spirit living on the inside of you and our siblings. 


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