We are created in the image of GOD which means that there is nothing that we can’t do. Our only down flaw is that we are sinners from the mother’s womb. Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 3:18

*Proof* Adam and Eve never taught Cain how to exhibit anger and rage which resulted in sin; it came easy because it was already in his heart. I know for certain that Adam and Eve taught their boys Cain and Abel the ways of GOD because it was in Abel’s righteousness that caused Cain to react like an idiot.

 “Those who seek the Lord will lack no good thing.-Psalm 34:10
We are the only being in the universe that can cause defeat in our life. Wholeheartedly decide, by the grace of GOD and the power of HIS Holy Spirit, to please GOD, and all the demons in and out of hell, all the people in the world, all your apparent weaknesses, shortcom­ings, inadequacies, adverse circumstances and unfavorable surroundings cannot prevent you from having glorious victory! “You can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens you!”

This world is filled with negative people who don’t know how to love yet they are looking for love. They don’t know the correct words to say yet they are looking for people to cheer for them. It’s difficult to love properly when we do not surrender yourself to the One who is LOVE. It is impossible to cheer for self and others when you don’t know how to speak life. I have witnessed young mothers hurl profanity at their young babes because they are just being babes. I have seen young unprepared parents hit their child because the child has not been properly trained or can’t keep up the walking pace or step towards traffic. Young men walk with their pants beneath their waist and will not uphold the treasure of women. Men do not love themselves so how is it possible for them to love others? There are not enough males who are not being encouraged by men of integrity so what we have is more males and less men. Women do not understand that they are valuable and priceless treasures; this is why it’s so very easy for them to give away the one thing that is needed by males. I used to ask my daughter this question; how many times should a woman be for sale? She was unsure because to her; she thought that no woman is for sale. However, the truth is women are for sale; a man must ask a woman for her hand in marriage, purchase her a conditional engagement token that means she is no longer available for casual dating with other men and that she has promised to fulfill a request; the male must purchase the license and pay for the Minister to oversee the vows of marriage who is recognized by the state. Once this transaction has been accomplished the woman is off the market. Just because prostitution and casual sex has been around for thousands and thousands of years marriage has been around much longer.

 Nothing can be impossible to you with GOD. Luke 1:37

Nothing is impossible we have the ability to change; we have the ability to desire and want better for ourselves. Nothing is impossible! Stop believing what you see; stop believing what you hear if it does not encourage and strengthen you. Stop believing that because you were born in a poor community that you are the circumstance of your community. What is it that you are looking for? Find a person who has achieved what it is that you want to accomplish and allow that person to mentor you. I am aware already that every drug dealer and prostitute is a great Entrepreneur. They already understand the rule of supply and demand. What is lacked is training to turn their ability to run a business legally with a supply that is in demand legally. Every person who is a success has not attended college though I believe in higher learning.

All glory to GOD, who is able, through HIS mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

 If you think that becoming better than you are is impossible know this; nothing is impossible for GOD. All your answers are within HIM. All your possibilities are within HIM. All your dreams and visions are from HIM. You can walk on the clouds and stop crawling on your belly.

GOD has given both HIS promise and HIS oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for GOD to lie. Therefore, we who have fled to HIM for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. Hebrews 6:16 

Know this everything is possible for us to accomplish; we can make things happen. It’s not true that you are incapable of being better than you are or truthful or trustworthy. It is impractical to break the law yet it is profitable to obey the law of the land and to obey GOD. You are not hopeless there is still hope within you.

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