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The majority of my readers are not entertainers, born within a family of great wealth or think of themselves as heirs. However, I’m here to inform and to remind you that if you are a child of the Most High GOD you are a joint heir with the LORD CHRIST JESUS. You don’t have to wait for your inheritance, you already have your inheritance, and we just have to learn how to tap into that.

You may think it has something to do with you but honey lamb it has nothing to do with you. And everything to do with JESUS. We need to climb out of our heads, out of our emotions basically out of ourselves and just deal with the facts. It was already hard-wired within our destiny to be heirs. We can’t help but be blessed and a blessing. To have favor and be favored. To be a success and successful. It has nothing to do with us. It’s all according to HIS purpose, JESUS is the One who works these things out according to HIS will, not us. If we are true children of the Most High GOD then we should not be broke, busted and disgusted as the non-believers. We should not be singing the same lyrics to the same songs as they do about poverty and sickness and debauchery or anything negative. Remembering that we are joint heirs with the CHRIST (the Anointed One).

  • Before JESUS formed us in our mother’s womb HE already knew us before we were born and HE had already sanctified us. Jer. 1:5

If our loved ones leave us anything, for some it may be worthless financially but priceless emotionally. For others, it may be worth thousands or millions. Sometimes people will go to an appraiser to get the value on something because they can’t see for themselves the true value. Other times it’s to make sure that they are covered properly for insurance purposes and then there are times when items are appraised to find out if something is genuine. All in all everything earthly no matter its value is corruptible. Though gems are deemed as precious the Word of GOD defines them as corruptible.

Now, while here on earth we can enjoy not waiting for the by and by as so many of you like to believe. And I guess that means when we get to heaven we can finally enjoy the fruit of the promises, but that is not what JESUS promised.

  • JESUS said that HE would send the promise of HIS/now our FATHER to us. Most of us don’t know what this is meant. And we don’t ask. JESUS was referring to the Holy Spirit, Lk. 24:49
  • Most people who proclaim to be Christians are still thirsting for the things of GOD because there is still disbelief within them. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit there is no room for doubt and unbelief because our hearts will be overflowing and alive. Jhn. 7:37-38
  • Christians are found asking the wrong people and settling. I’ve even heard them ask the FATHER and just leave JESUS out of the equation. The Holy Spirit living on the inside of us would never allow this to happen because it’s simply impossible. His mission is to teach us only about JESUS so that we can keep the one commandment that JESUS gave us to keep. Jhn. 14:14-16
  • Christians believe that being water baptized is enough but never consider the most important baptism of the Holy Ghost. Acts 1:5
  • The Holy Spirit is our Wisdom and Understanding. Prov. 4:6-7
  • 13:44 (paraphrased by, e-sdb/AMFBeM ©® TM) the kingdom of heaven is like a buried/hidden treasure, that once found and recognized the value. The finder will sell all he or she already owns to possess what he or she has found.

And then there are the many promises that are actually historical records that are living and breathing for us to activate within our own lives. That we are the rightful heirs to, those are for us now, not later when they are of no use to us in heaven. Read about the heroes of faith and who some may consider the least qualified to be called the greatest apostle, Paul. These people were believers in JESUS, all of them with the exception of Paul who was formally Saul did not live during the time JESUS walked this earth, was crucified and rose from the grave. Saul encountered CHRIST JESUS after CHRIST JESUS had already taken HIS seat beside our FATHER. Yet, they all experienced the promise and inheritance of JESUS CHRIST and CHRIST JESUS. You need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to catch what I just did there. So tap into your inheritance and enjoy what JESUS promised. See what wonders await for you. You will be surprised what you have allowed yourself to miss out on.  

Ephesians 1:11, Rom. 8:17, 1 Peter 1:4


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