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December 1, 2020

Solomon’s Wisdom – 1 Kings 4:29-34

Since the beginning of my being led to share about the Holy Spirit and a couple of His attributes which is Wisdom and understanding for the Holy Spirit is Wisdom. I have been eagerly awaiting to share with you the man who was written about who asked for Wisdom and received that. There have only been three men who had such wisdom that is recorded for us in the Bible.  

  1. Adam: who is the only man created by GOD HIMself and was given dominion over all things. He named everything that is named and nothing has been changed from his naming. We lost dominion when Adam sinned and gave away all that was given to him. Had he not sinned we would be enjoying today all the pleasures GOD intended for us without any sin, wickedness, evil, sickness, disease, or death. 
  2. Solomon: from his heart asked for Wisdom and was given, he is recorded as the wisest man to ever live but he too sinned. With his story, we find what the possibilities of being led by the Holy Spirit are like. However, though we should ask for the Spirit of Wisdom from our hearts, no human will ever be as wise as Solomon was because humankind cannot handle this gift that was once given to humanity from creation.  
  3. JESUS CHRIST: also was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom and HE alone was not born in sin and had no sin. Everything that JESUS did which has been recorded for our learning was done under the influence of the Holy Spirit in Wisdom. JESUS is the ONE that has provided the very best example of being led by the Holy Spirit without mucking everything up. 

As explained in a previous blog, King Solomon asked the FATHER for wisdom, and he asked from the heart, so GOD gave King Solomon a discerning heart of mind to discern, meaning that King Solomon could see clearly between people [their motives] and things as they truly were. He had the greatest ability to judge rightly because he could discover by his intellect, to distinguish with knowledge how to judge rightly. The Most-High GOD gave King Solomon a large heart that was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom and exceedingly great understanding. 

King Solomon’s wisdom has been recorded to have excelled the wisdom of all men, it could not be measured because his wisdom was likened to the sand on a seashore. Compared to the wisdom of King Solomon we all are complete fools, even the people that we consider to be wise are stupid. Comes across a wee-bit harsh but I can only share with you that which the Holy Spirit directs me to share. 

Even one of our biblical heroes Moses who was educated in all the culture and wisdom of the Egyptians and molded to be the next Pharoah can not be compared to the wisdom of King Solomon. Before I go any further please understand what Moses meant as he was speaking with JESUS and making excuses because he was slow of speech. Moses was groomed to be the next Pharaoh, he was a highly educated man, he was by far no slacker in the brain department. However, Moses did have what is called  Dysarthria [dys-ar-thria] which causes either a slur or slow speech. It causes those who have this to have difficulty in the ability to articulate/pronounce words properly. People may have this from birth or from some cause that affects the central nervous system located in the brain and spinal cord or it may be caused by facial paralysis. We all are familiar with Sylvester Stallone and because of his facial muscle paralysis which he received due to the forceps used at his birth, this has caused him to have a slow or slurred speech but it has not ceased him from being one of America’s top box office actors and a multi-millionaire. Moses was both a powerful speaker and a man of action who just happened to have a slow or slurred speech. I think that this is an encouraging and inspirational moment for some of you readers because you have allowed some of your shortcomings to hinder you from being all you desire to be. 

Now back to King Solomon, he is the one whose words we read in the book of Wisdom better known as the book of Proverbs. We have recorded for us thirty-one proverbs, one for each day of the month, and most people never take advantage of reading the chapter that coincides with the day of the week. If by wisdom we read the chapter that is for the current day and ask the Spirit of Wisdom to help us to discern which verses will help us throughout the day, we will find that we will be led to success on that day. Most people are not aware that King Solomon spoke the recorded proverbs for our learning but more than that there are two thousand six hundred and sixty-nine proverbs that he spoke that have not been included in the Bible for our learning. Over the past few decades, some people have been excited to read what has been told to be the Dead Sea Scrolls. I myself have never found what is so exciting about reading those scrolls when we have sixty-six scrolls that GOD has given to us to read which takes our life to read, study, speak with HIM about and apply to our lives. Dead means to be deprived of life and that is exactly what those scrolls are, no longer alive. Yet, the Bible that we have is alive and active and these are the scrolls in which we should be dedicating our life to read and study. 

What are proverbs? They are the greatest established principles or propositions that are admitted truths that have been spoken in obscurity. The proverbs that have been given to us show to us the contrast between those who are righteous in GOD and those who are wicked. They are instructions in that we are to search them out. Once we know by experience that which we have applied to our lives we also are to share this knowledge with others. Once we receive that which has been shared we should never take it at face value. Do your own research about a matter using that which has been shared then arrange that which you may be able to build on. What this means is that whatever truths that someone shares from their knowledge in wisdom and understanding we may be able to find out more that we can apply to our lives or find out that all we actually needed was that which we received. Here is an example, humans once lived out in the open earth, then they began to build tents that were flimsy, and then over time they became more durable. Then they moved into caves and from the caves, they built huts, from the huts they built a building and called this their house, and from those early houses built came what we now have that we call our home, apartments of various sizes, and houses of various sizes for the types of occupancies required. 

King Solomon was also an author of songs, the best lyricist and writer of notes known by humans. No one has or had anything on King Solomon who wrote one thousand and five songs. King Solomon’s songs are known as the best of songs. No matter how many songs we believe to be a classic because of the lyrics and music they will never be better than King Solomon’s songs. 

King Solomon’s wisdom was sought out by the most prominent men of that time who were kings from other nations from every part of the earth. We have recorded for us the only Queen who was from the country of Sheeba, she too sought after the wisdom of King Solomon who tested him with difficult questions that may have been impossible to answer or may have been known only by the Queen herself.  Operating in the Spirit of Wisdom will cause us to be heard of and sought out. This type of wisdom can only be gifted to humans by GOD HIMself because the gifts are placed within the heart, not the mind alone which is what our earthly knowledge and wisdom do. 

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