When we are given instructions; directions to do what is right. Take heed and do that. We may not be able to do everything all at once; however, we can take one step at a time. Become disciplined in that one thing that you have decided to do that will please GOD.

          Allow GOD to become your shield. You can relate to this, all vehicles have windshields. When we are in these vehicles there have been times when things have hit the windshield and either bounced off or died. For instance debris and pebbles hit a windshield and is bounced off. Insects hit a windshield and die when a vehicle is in motion. When you are in right standing with GOD, HE is your windshield; nothing penetrates HIM when it comes to your safety. Vehicle windshields are only as good as allowable. When too much pressure is applied the windshield gives way, it breaks. Ever seen or had a large rock hurl towards a windshield and see it crack or break? This is not our GOD; HE does not break or crack. HE will remain with us unmovable when we are in right standing with HIM. It’s up to us if we want GOD to protect and stay with us.

          When we walk according to GOD’s Word, we no longer walk in paranoia. We no longer have to wonder what’s going on around us, we stop looking over our shoulders. We stop trying to remember the lies that we told because when we tell the truth, that never changes and there is no need to remember “now what did I tell him/her”? Eventually we do forget, it may take years yet we will forget. When we walk according to the way GOD wants us to walk and not according to our way, we gain strength in HIM.

          The integrity that we obtain in JESUS guides us. Are you one who talks too much? You tell everything but you won’t tell about you. Stop gossiping. Keep what others talk to you about, if you must gossip, gossip to GOD. When you tell it to GOD it becomes prayer. Watch that topic for that person change. Give your whole heart to GOD; let HIM know that you want to be blameless of all wrong doing.

          Blessings always flow from the top to the bottom. Ever notice that when your Manager/Supervisor is having a bad day you and everyone else catch a lot of flack? However, when your Manager/Supervisor is having a good day he/she has been complimented about the awesome work that they are doing. You (maybe not individually) have a great day at work. It’s the same way in our homes; you are the Manager/Supervisor in your home. A man/husband who knows how to be the head of his home is having a great day. The Supervisor/wife and the kids reap the benefits. A man/husband who does not know how to lead his family in righteousness, all heck breaks loose and sometimes even the dog catches it. Consider your ways, become confident in GOD’s direction and get established.

          Hey life is filled with so many challenges. In our desire to walk worthy of GOD, there will be times when we are going to mess up. However, don’t be like the pig that loves his mud and wallows in it. You can wash a pig, turn it loose and he heads straight for the mud. Well don’t be like that. Yet when you mess up quickly get up out of the mud and bath again in GOD’s forgiveness, tell him what you did and get back in right standing with HIM. GOD is not going to hold that over your head. You may have purposely committed sin just because you wanted to. It happens, yet notice the closer walk you have with JESUS the quicker in your heart that you are sorry and you know that you need to get it right with HIM. Don’t think about it, just do it, get right with GOD quickly.

          Men you are Kings and because of this you should never give your strength to any woman who is not your wife. Prostitutes or loose women are your downfall. They will ruin you and destroy your kingdom. Keep your body free from strong drink. Strong drink makes you forget for a time who you are and what your responsibilities are. Your judgments will become perverted, you will become afflicted and cause affliction.

          Women you are queens and because of this you are to walk in great integrity. Your entire body is that of integrity nothing missing. Women are priceless; we cannot be purchased and are to be handled with care. We are to set the tone. In us we house moral and ethical excellence this is our virtue. Men who GOD has predestined to be our husbands find us; we don’t go out looking for them.

          Our husband believes; relies and trust in you with confidence. Because of this he has no lack.

          You bring comfort to him and you continually encourage him. You are his biggest fan, the head cheerleader. Your hands are always ready to work well towards him.

          You don’t spend everything that you have, you look for bargains. Your purchase is a need and not a want. You are a great financial officer of your home. You know how to budget the finances.

          You are ever in prayer for your family and all that your family comes in contact with. You are emotionally; mentally and physically strong because of your spiritual strength in GOD.

If you work outside the home, you work as though you are working for GOD and in this you find favor. What you have earned is not yours, you share with the house to make sure that when it’s combined with your husband’s there is no lack. You bring to your husband’s attention all things that he needs to be made aware of that will cause harm to your home. Never assume that he is aware. No one knows your husband as you do. If you know that your husband does not have good listening skills after you have informed him of something. To keep the stress down, write out what he needs to be made aware of and make sure you place it somewhere that you know he will view the message. If he is not a reader yet he does acknowledge what you have informed him of once, you may have to reinforce what you have said with a recording on his cell phone, office phone and house phone.

As a wife and mother you never allow the tasks of your home to go undone, when your children have reached an age that they can become responsible to help around the house with choirs recruit them. This gives them responsibility.

Because of you, your husband will become one who is well respected. When others see how you respect your husband and your husband respect you and his home. Great favor is given to him. Your strength in GOD is your dignity.

When you open your mouth, it will be filled with encouragement and wisdom. Your words are kind and loving. In you is life. Gossip which brings death cannot be found in you. You don’t fill your time with wanting to know what is going on with someone else. You don’t make time for being idle.

Your husband and your children are blessed beyond measure because of you. They will boast about you to others. When they speak about you there is a light that comes to brightness and others will see it.

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