Kiss The Feet Of JESUS

Psalm 2:12 CEB

Kiss JESUS with adoration and worship

If anyone desires to know what the gratitude of forgiveness looks like, read Luke 7:36-50. This is what is found there.

An unknown woman (for whatever reason the LORD kept her name out of the Bible) with many sins.

How many of us have thought from time to time that we are invisible, that no one really sees who we are? How many of us think that no one sees the wrongs that we do or hear the inappropriate words of communication? How many of us think and or believe that no one really cares? And how many of us think and or believe that we are so bad or have done something unforgivable?

This is what we should take notice of in these verses.

  • The Pharisee – A particular Sect of Jewish leader separated by philosophy and religion which held sentiments that differed from those of another Sect. Pharisees were (are) strict in their observances of ceremonies, traditions, and rites. They were (are) hypocrites who live in the pretense of being holy when in essence they were (are) self-righteous. Self-righteousness is another form of pride. These are bitter people who set out to destroy the doctrine and reputation of CHRIST JESUS by any means necessary.
  • This home belonged to the Pharisee.
  • Why did the Pharisee not remove the sinner woman from his house when she entered?
  • How is it that she felt comfortable enough to enter the Pharisees’ house without fear of being dismissed?

This dear unknown woman to us undoubtedly heard the message of JESUS at some point of time previously and her life was transformed. How can we know this? When she found out that JESUS was eating at the home of a Pharisee, she brought with her what was known to be precious and costly, maybe her most valuable possession which was an Alabaster (semi-translucent) Box/vase of Perfumed (aka essential) Oil. These types of boxes were commonly used for the containment of approximately ten ounces of wine or nine ounces of oil. We need to get a clear picture of this, today a person would spend a minimum of fifteen hundred dollars ($1, 500) just for one (1) ounce of essential oil that promotes healthy, glowing, clear skin and has an attractive scent. This is why there are so many imitations of essential oils being sold, some are good, and some are bad. Know the difference when purchasing scent; cologne is nothing more than scented toilet water (diluted perfume) and perfume (essential oils) are oils extracted from flowers and spices.

Okay, moving on. This unknown woman knew that she was obligated to JESUS just as we must come to know this fact as well if we have from our heart believed in HIM and HIS doctrine. Keep this in mind, unlike us this dear woman saw and heard JESUS in person. We see and hear JESUS in our hearts and spirit. She did not see an opportunity to show her gratitude to JESUS until this very moment. We have an opportunity to show our gratitude through our obedience and lifestyle. The only way this dear woman could think of to show her gratitude was to become a handmaid/servant. During these times when people dined, they did not sit as we do, they either sat on their legs, and sometimes their feet could be seen sticking out and sometimes they reclined, leaning on their side. At this moment it makes sense that JESUS had to be sitting on HIS legs with HIS feet being revealed because she came up behind HIM and seeing this, she saw her opportunity to do as it is written in 1 Sam. 25:41 “She bowed low to the ground and said, “I am your servant, ready to serve and wash the feet of my master’s helpers.” Though the scripture that we are viewing today does not tell us that this dear woman spoke at all before washing the feet of JESUS, it does inform us that she bowed herself down low and began to wash HIS feet. But she did not just wash HIS feet in the water that was available she washed HIS feet using her very own tears. This is a personal show of gratitude.


  1. The show of humility that this dear woman had.
  2. She recognized that she was a sinner.
  3. Her eyes once looked on sin with no problems. Now, they became a fountain of tears for her gratitude.
  4. Her face had become distorted from her crying. People in deep sorrow do not cry pretty.
  5. She used her hair to be the towel to dry the feet of JESUS.

When we come to JESUS, we are pained by our sins and become sorry for them. Of which are many, do not fool yourself into believing that they are not.

And, when we think of how and where JESUS has delivered us from, the habits, lifestyle, company kept, places we went, attitudes, not believing in JESUS or HIS Word, and so much more. Our sorrow is renewed, and we are grateful for how JESUS delivered us not only from sin but from self.

This is what is written in Ezek. 16:63 “Then you will remember and be ashamed, and you won’t even open your mouth because of your shame after I’ve forgiven you for all that you’ve done. This is what the LORD GOD said”. Bless the LORD GOD that we no longer need to be ashamed or condemned after coming to CHRIST JESUS (Ro. 8:1, 2 Tim. 1:12, 2:15, 1 Ptr. 4:16, 1 Jhn. 2:28)

Now, this Pharisee shows us that his motivation for inviting JESUS to dine with him in his house was not pure. How do we know this?

  • He did not evict the woman of sin from his home.
  • By his very words because the Pharisee saw what was happening. “If this man were a prophet, he would know what kind of woman is touching him. He would know that she is a sinner”.

I can just see him sneering, pointing, and wagging his head in disdain for JESUS. This Pharisee did not want to learn from JESUS, he more than likely wanted to gain a favorable reputation once it got out that he had JESUS in his home to dine.

Most of us are immature, or ignorant, and have not been saved, or all three through belief in CHRIST JESUS. These types of people will take notice of people in how they are erratic in their worship of JESUS. And the first thing that most often is said is “it doesn’t [don’t] take all that”. Well, it may not take all that for you, but we are not privy to knowing what those dear people were delivered from. Sure, we get to hear some of their testimonies but even when they share them, it is difficult to convey the emotionalism they have when they think about where they were and where they now are. Bless the LORD GOD that JESUS is the ONE who does not look at our outer appearance but will look into our hearts and take notice of the genuine love that we either have or do not have for HIM. JESUS saw the genuine affection that this dear woman had. JESUS noticed that she loved much. She washed HIS feet unknowingly making HIM ready for the task that HE would soon have to face for us. This is honorable. Her tears were not brought on by condemnation, guilt, or sadness, but joy. She was near her Savior, she loved HIM. She kissed HIS feet to not only show humiliation of who she was/is but to grovel hoping to find favor in HIS sight. Her kiss was that of affection and adoration. Drying the feet of JESUS with her hair that was used as a towel was the demonstration of her devotion towards HIM. And, finally, she anointed the feet of JESUS with the costly oil (Matt. 26:12). Owning the acknowledgment that JESUS is the MESSIAH. When she anointed the feet of JESUS this was her consent of GOD’s design to anoint our head with HIS Oil of Gladness (Ps.45:7, Is. 61:3, Heb. 1:9).

Those of us who are truly penitent of heart possess a dear LOVE towards our LORD CHRIST JESUS through adoration, obedience, and worship.

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