1 Kings 9:4

          When I grew up, my Dad used to tell my siblings and me that “if we got good grades in school, he would pay us a certain amount of money”. That promise came with a condition.

          We make conditions all the time and get that from GOD. GOD makes conditions on us, here in the scripture above, we read the condition that HE place on Solomon and his children. Though HE was speaking directly to Solomon pertaining to his throne, those conditions apply to us as well.

          “Walk before ME with integrity in heart doing all that I have commanded, keeping MY statutes and precepts”. In other words GOD has given a direct order, ten of them to start with. They are called the Ten Commandments. We cannot escape those commandments I don’t care what we do, there are always before us. GOD is the One who actually is in charge and control, not us. HE is the One in full authority and HE gives us authority to exercise what HE has given us freely.

          When GOD tells us to walk in HIS statutes, this is a permanent rule. When we study the Word of GOD and find HIS commands which are HIS rules. We must adhere to them. Also HIS precepts are the guidelines that HE has set forth for our moral conduct. So if I had to shorten my statements it would look like this.

GOD gave us Ten Commandments that are HIS rules that we are to follow, in how to conduct ourselves.

          GOD also gave conditions if Solomon or his children did not follow HIS rulings. Once you read the story of Solomon you’ll know what happened there. Those conditions apply to us as well; GOD has cut HIS creation off from HIS many blessings. Many people are eager to quote that “GOD rains on the just (HIS people) and the unjust (the devils people)”. This is true yet there is so much more GOD wants to provide to HIS kids.

          GOD wants us to tithe, most of us refuse due to lack of understanding what tithes are and what they are actually used for. Another reason is rebellion, thinking that it does not apply to the church today or that our tithes are being misused. I say regardless of how the treasury and the Pastors treat our tithes, you obey GOD and allow GOD to deal with the treasures and the Pastors. It will be you who will be blessed as GOD promised. It will be you who will receive an out pouring of blessings from GOD so much so that you will no longer have room enough to receive. It will be you that will find yourself giving things away because GOD is providing for you in such away your only alternative is to be a blessing to others.

          Another example is that when your flesh is attacked with the illnesses of this world. You will understand that it’s the flesh and not you which is spirit. You will understand that you are never to say that you are sick, yet your flesh is being attacked by whatever it’s being attacked by, cold; flu; allergies and so on.

          One last thing I want to touch on when we obey the rules that GOD has given to us, we don’t mind spending time with HIM. When we are doing and saying things that HE does not agree with and we don’t get it right with HIM. We find ourselves becoming distant from HIM and HE will distance HIMSELF from us. Think about when you have done or said something you know that you should not have towards another person. You avoid that person like the plague.        

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